XIXO Ecosystem Launches Xbank- Pioneering Digital Bank for Real Estate, Construction and Industry Community


With the vision of expanding the ecosystem and helping Startups reach crypto investors globally, 5ROI Global has supported many projects implementing Airdrop, IEO, Private sale, … bringing many positive signals to the community. XIXO Ecosystem is one of the first projects to sell Private Sale and IEO on 5ROI Global.The project has been positively received from the worldwide investor community. With the vision of expanding the ecosystem to financial services, cryptocurrencies serving the Real Estate, Construction and Industrial communities, XIXO Ecosystem is preparing a plan to launch Xbank – A unique banking project expected to bring optimal financial services. As a partner, 5ROI Global updates investors on the upcoming developments of XIXO Ecosystem and forecasts that TKX token will have a strong growth along with the development of the ecosystem.

Xbank – The Bank for the Cryptocurrency Market

XIXO Blockchain Bank (Xbank) is an electronic bank, a component of the XIXO digital ecosystem with the initial goal of creating liquidity and decentralized banking, provides banking services in the fields of real estate, construction and industrial production, supporting financial transactions for customers as well as transactions on, Xbank will be initialized and functionally designed in the direction of decentralized and centralized financial utility for this particular activity.

Xbank is the digital bank of decentralized ledgers. This service is similar to a traditional bank, but it is for the crypto market – Where anyone can exchange fiat money (FIAT) as well as exchange cryptocurrency (Crypto). In Vietnam, the form of electronic money banking is still quite new and Xbank is the pioneer in this financial model in Vietnam as well as in the world.

Xbank and TKX Token: Inseparable attachment

Xbank is a bank created by XIXO with the orientation of being a community bank. Therefore, Xbank will operate transaction ledgers using blockchain and transaction approval operations using nodes.Xbank was born immediately and can develop globally with the defined mission that: Only the owner of TKX Token can buy shares of Xbank. And this share is also stored on the blockchain ledger, no one can intervene to erase or forge.

TKX Token is the “standard” element of Xbank, the core system, the raw material, the “currency” unit, the intermediate digital asset for all Xbank’s activities. More specifically, TKX Token represents the multi-function as “money”, “security asset”, “distributed ledger signature” of the global community. Accordingly, TKX Token is used to contribute shares to Xbank’s activities and is also used to store assets, exchange, sponsor or charity for activities in the near future.

“Xbank has TKX Token exchange activities, purchasing activities and normal financial exchange activities, so investors who follow Xbank’s activities will find that owning TKX Token is contributing to bringing blockchain technology to life, bringing blockchain into specific projects. We need TKX Token to work.” Mr. Raymond Chu – Founder XIXO Ecosystem shared.Mr. Raymond Chu – Founder XIXO Ecosystem shared.

In particular, by owning TKX Token, new investors can participate in component projects of the XIXO Ecosystem such as Xbank, Mainnet, XOTA or as the future X-link value network and many projects that XIXO will deploy in the future through TKX Token.

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Xbank : Potential and Application

Xbank is a platform for the cryptocurrency market where users can borrow, exchange or save as a way of depositing money in a bank to receive interest. Currently, there are many crypto trading platforms on the market, but there are almost no banks in Vietnam or even in the world that operate in this way.

Xbank is an “amphibian” bank, an intermediary conversion bridge and aggregator service between FIAT (Fiat Currency) and Crypto (Cryptocurrency). As we know, assets and productive resources are moving from centralized ledger storage to decentralized (CeFi – Xbank – DeFi). This process is inevitable but there is inheritance and there is a process of transition and adaptation. This helps production and business not be interrupted or disturbed. Besides, Xbank allows hundreds of millions of people around the world to use the bank’s services anytime, anywhere and they are the factor that owns and creates that power Ledger.

“Xbank does not replace FIAT, but Xbank is an extension of FIAT. We have studied the legal model very carefully and Xbank does what the law does not prohibit. Xbank will combine with FIAT bank, becoming their effective arm to dip into the cryptocurrency market and vice versa. Because the nature of new business models is born to serve the public interest and serve the national interest. If we do well, surely the government and the community will believe it. Xbank’s mission is to change the perspective of banking in the near future. And this is considered an invention in terms of economics and finance. Mr. Raymond Chu emphasized.

Xbank’s development plan

Xbank was created by the founding team of XIXO Ecosystem and partners with certain principles. XIXO has also outlined key activities as well as a clear development roadmap with the determination to take Xbank’s development completely seriously to reach the community.

With the development of Xbank, XIXO always upholds the view of applying science and technology and the wide recognition of the community. Xbank is ready to accept new challenges, new ideas in line with modern trends and the desire to make life better and more equal thanks to technology and consensus, besides taking risks to demonstrate what humans can do based on creativity, pioneering technology and community strength.

With potential, legitimacy and inherent advantages, Xbank is expected to launch this September and is expected to develop strongly not only in the real estate market but also the financial market. People from all over the world can apply to become a partner from now on with Xbank or a partner of XIXO to exchange goods on across borders.

It is true that jointly developing new economic models based on human achievements is a challenge with glory and risks. Blockchain technology has shown that the founders of new networks or models cannot control or control the risks and returns. This is entirely up to the community. It can be said that Xbank is a project of the community, for the community and by the community, especially the Real Estate, Construction and Industry communities.

5ROI Global believes that this is a breakthrough expansion of XIXO Ecosystem, TKX token will also have a positive change along with the development of XIXO ecosystem.


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