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What is Cosmos Network (ATOM)? The Beginner’s Guide to Cosmos


With the vision of being able to “solve the most complex problems of Blockchain,” Cosmos (ATOM) has received a lot of attention from investors since it was born in 2014. So what is Cosmos? What are Cosmos’ outstanding features? Or how to purchase Cosmos ATOM coins? Let’s find out with 5ROI Global in this article!

1. What is Cosmos (ATOM)?

Cosmos is a decentralized network that allows data exchange between different blockchains, each powered by BFT consensus algorithms such as Tendermint consensus. Different from the blockchains with applications built above such as Solana, Terra, Binance Smart Chain, etc. Cosmos can be seen as “Layer 0” and above it will be a lot of Layer 1.

With a new technological vision, Cosmos was created to overcome the previous situation where blockchains were often isolated. Cosmos’ ultimate goal is to create an “Internet of blockchains,” which can solve all the scalability and interoperability problems in blockchains. Tokens can be moved quickly and securely from one region to another seamlessly. Therefore, Cosmos is considered the solution to one of the most complex problems of Blockchain.

2. Outstanding technologies of the Cosmos project.

Tendermint Core: Using a byzantine fault-tolerant consensus protocol that provides instant finality and security, this core can be used to build public and private blockchains.

Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC): Between blockchains connected by the IBC protocol, leveraging the instant end property of Tendermint consensus allows heterogeneous chains to have the ability to transfer value or data for each other.

Cosmos SDK: This is a tool to accelerate the build process for developers who want to create their own Blockchain for their decentralized applications (Dapps), based on two main principles: Modularity and security-based ability.

3. What is Cosmos Hub (ATOM)? Detailed information about ATOM coins

Cosmos Hub (ATOM) is the first Blockchain built on Cosmos. The primary token of the Cosmos Hub network is ATOM, which plays the same role as most other Proof of stake networks such as Payment function, the heart of Inter-Chain,…

  • Name: Cosmos Hub
  • Ticker: ATOM
  • Network: Cosmos Hub
  • Consensus Mechanism: PoS
  • Algorithm: Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus by Tendermint
  • Token Type: Utility Token
  • Avg. Block time: 6.7s
  • Total supply: 268,551,866 ATOM
  • Estimated Circulating Supply: 286,370,297 ATOM
  • Website:
  • URL Explorer:

Where to purchase Cosmos (ATOM)?

Cosmos (ATOM) has been officially listed on the 5ROI Global exchange. Therefore, you can easily participate in ATOM trading on 5ROI Global with simple steps as follows:

Step 1: Access the 5ROI Global exchange here

Step 2: At the main screen of 5ROI Global, select “Spot”

Step 3: Find ATOM by typing in the search box.

Step 4: Enter the amount of token you want to buy.

Step 5: Adjust the price according to demand, then approve the transaction.

Trading ATOM/USDT on 5ROI Global platform here

The article has provided you with all the necessary information about the Cosmos project, ATOM cryptocurrency, and the guide to purchase this coin. Don’t forget to follow 5ROI Global’s website to quickly update all details about all the hottest coins and tokens on the Crypto market!

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