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What is an AMA? MegaO AMA Program Overview


1. AMA concept

  • AMA is an abbreviation of ASK ME ANYTHING (meaning: ask me anything), this is a program organized in the form of conversations with project leaders, aimed at Answer questions and share useful information with the community.
  • Currently, AMA is widely used in industries such as banking, computing, education, finance, governmental and health…

2. How to Join an AMA

Step 1: Find information about the project you are interested in

  • To be able to participate in any AMA program, you first need to thoroughly research the project.
  • You can search for specific information about the project at: Medium, the project’s official website, Whitepaper or for those of you with limited English, you can search on Google for an overview.

To learn about MegaO, you can see the specific information about the project below:


Smart Contract: Here

Whitepaper: Here

MegaO Exchange:

Information about MegaO listed on 5ROI Global: Here

Step 2: Remember the questions to ask about the project

  • You take the most important step towards being able to claim the project’s rewards. That is to find the main ideas as well as questions about the project to conduct and put into good questions, usually, the questions will be used in English, kept in an easy to remember place.
  • Some AMA programs will have a project section asking community questions so members and investors can participate in answering on a google form link, so it’s best to read carefully about the project.

Step 3: Ask a question through the AMA form or ask a question directly through the livestream

  • We need to wait until the AMA takes place so that we can post the questions we prepared in advance to the group. After the end of the project, the program organizer will choose good questions and give valuable rewards to the questioners.
  • To have a chance to receive an Airdrop of up to 1000 MegaO for the 10 best questions, members please ask questions here or ask questions directly via livestream.

3. How to join the AMA about MegaO.

In order not to miss the MegaO Live Talk AMA on March 15, 2022 and the opportunity to meet and talk directly with expert guests. Members follow the instructions below: Access to Zoom (ID: 841 0317 8979 – Password: 55555)

Details of AMA program about MegaO: Here

Participate in MegaO investment and trading on 5ROI Global: Here

5ROI Global

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