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Update EZChain Coin Staking Program On 5ROI Global


Dear Investors,

5ROI Global announces the update of the EZChain Coin Staking program from 17:00 UTC on April 20th, 2022, with a bonus of up to 24%/year. Specific package information is as follows:

Program Total amount (EZC) Type Locked by (days) Interest return period


Total cycles APY
91D Staking EZC Bonus 12%  44,000 Fixed Term 91 7 13 12%
182D Staking EZC Bonus 18% 44,000 Fixed Term 182 7 26 18%
364D Staking EZC Bonus 24% 44,000 Fixed Term 364 7 52 24%

Note: 5ROI Global will maintain the same 30%/year interest rate for investors who participated in EZChain Coin staking before 17:00 UTC on April 20th, 2022. The total amount per package might be changed based on the actual number of participants.

Program time 

  • Registration time: 02 days to register since launching.
  • Package interval: New packages launched once every 02 days.
  • Staking rewards: Right after the registration period ends, the system will start calculating Staking rewards.

2. Conditions 

  • Register and lock the number of EZC participating in Staking.

3. Staking limits  

  • Minimum Staking per user: 20 EZC.
  • Maximum Staking per user: 22,000 EZC.

4. How to participate in Staking EZChain Coin:

Visit here:

On the 5ROI Global App at the homepage, select Staking. After being navigated, find and select packages in the EZChain Coin Staking program to participate.

For more information about the program, contact [email protected]

Risk Disclaimer:

For investors, trading digital assets are both an opportunity and a challenge with outstanding profit potential. 5ROI Global only provides useful information for investors to grasp, and refer to and does not provide financial investment advice of any kind.

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