TKX Token Airdrop Program Ends on August 6, 2021


Dear members of 5ROI Global,

The TKX Token Airdrop program during the period has received the attention and support from all members. The number of TKX Tokens for the Airdrop bonus fund has been distributed, and we are pleased to announce that the TKX Token Airdrop program will officially close on August 6, 2021.

The system will allocate TKX Tokens according to the principle:

  • Eligible members who participate first will be allocated first.
  • Eligible members who participate after the system allocates all TKX bonus funds will not receive rewards.

For detailed information about the program: here

Members who do not yet own TKX Token in the TKX Token Airdrop program hurry up and join the TKX Private sale and TKX Token IEO event to seize the opportunity to own TKX now!

Thank you to our members and investors for your interest and support in 5ROI Global’s TKX Token Airdrop program.

Best regards,

5ROI Global


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