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The GAMI Token IEO Program Has Finished Beyond Expectation


Dear Investors,

The GAMI Token IEO is an event that has received the attention of the masses of investors globally. After only 12 hours of opening sale, the goal of the GAMI Token IEO program has been completed, and therefore, the 5ROI Global team would like to announce that the program has officially closed at 01:30 (UTC) on April 01st, 2022. We sincerely congratulate the investors who owned GAMI Token in this IEO program.

GAMI IEO program result:

1. Round 1:

– How to register: First come – First served

– Total number of participating accounts: 30.

– Total registration value: 10,000 USDT.

2. Round 2:

– How to register: Register to buy – distribute later

– Total number of participating accounts: 375.

– Total registration value: 81,250 USDT.

The total opening sale of GAMI Token IEO (Round 2) is 50,000 USDT, equivalent to 555,556 GAMI, so the matching rate is: 61,5% of the total registered value.

Distribution method:

All users who register to buy IEO will be matched at 61,5% of the total registered USDT and receive the corresponding amount of GAMI. The mismatched USDT will be returned to the investor’s wallet.

For example: Investor A registers to buy at 250 USDT, the total match value is: 153,75 USDT, so he will receive 1708,3 GAMI and 96,25 USDT will be returned to the investor’s wallet.

Distribution time: GAMI Token will be distributed at 03:20 (UTC) on April 01st, 2022.

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5ROI Global

Risk Disclaimer:

Trading digital assets can be a challenging and potentially lucrative opportunity for investors. Users are encouraged to carefully consider their investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite.


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