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The Difference Between Ethereum And Bitcoin


For a long time, Bitcoin was the ultimate king of the crypto world. Reports of Bitcoin’s successes and failures are often intertwined with how the world perceives the entire blockchain. But, like all empires that have existed in the world, there are always rivals who want to compete for the throne.

In recent years, technology has developed rapidly and gradually broadened the concept of blockchain and what it can be used for. In this article, we will talk about the similarities and differences between Bitcoin and its top competitor, Ethereum.


Bitcoin is the first created cryptocurrency and is considered the earliest developed cryptocurrency. This coin was introduced in 2009 by a developer with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The idea is to create an independent and decentralized electronic payment system based on cryptographic and certificate modules.

Despite being the most popular cryptocurrency and language, this coin is not the only one. There are different types of cryptocurrencies, each with its unique features and operations. Not every cryptocurrency is created from the latest blockchain platform. In contrast, there are several coins created from blockchain technology available.

Bitcoin has a maximum source of funds, as it has a clear limit from the start. The system will no longer be able to create new Bitcoin coins. The Bitcoin network has a maximum supply of 21 million BTC. You can check the circulating supply as well as the Bitcoin price on 5ROI Global. Most coin projects must provide a maximum supply for all investors.

The Bitcoin protocol is open source and anyone can review or copy the codes. Many developers around the world will contribute their part to the overall development of the project.

Ethereum and surrounding reviews

Released in 2015, Ethereum is the world’s leading programmable blockchain. Specifically, Ethereum is the foundation for the era of the internet with outstanding potential:

  • Internet, where money and payment are integrated.
  • Internet, where users can own data and applications without information being collected and stolen.
  • Internet, where everyone has access to an open financial system.
  • The Internet is built on a neutral, open-access infrastructure that is not controlled by any organization or individual.

The Potential of Ethereum

Ethereum’s potential to surpass Bitcoin has been a hotly debated topic in the crypto space. Bitcoin maximalists believe that BTC is the original cryptocurrency and thus can never be surpassed by an altcoin. While Ethereum supporters remain adamant that the altcoin will outpace the pioneer cryptocurrency in the years to come.

The strongest argument for Ethereum’s superiority is its diverse use cases. Aside from its monetary policy utility, Bitcoin has little to boast about in real-world applications. On the flip side of this, Ethereum use cases have continued to expand over the years. The most recent is decentralized finance, which allows users to take advantage of the opportunities of services using traditional financial providers.

Clarifying the difference

The Stakenborg Talks hosted the first English version and invited Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin to be a guest in the first session. Here, Buterin explained the difference between the Ethereum blockchain and the leading blockchain in the space – Bitcoin. Buterin places more emphasis on how both ecosystems operate and translate into value for their native currencies.

The founder says that Ethereum is much larger than its native token ETH. Meanwhile, the Bitcoin blockchain derives most of its value from the BTC price.

“The big difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin is that Bitcoin belongs to a platform where the value of the ecosystem comes from the value of the currency, but in Ethereum, the value of the currency comes from the value of the ecosystem.

This echoes the existing belief in the crypto space that Ethereum will be better for a long time – Time investment due to the use cases of this network. With many utilities, ETH holders are sure that blockchain will be valuable to various industries in the future. Although Bitcoin may fail if it cannot become a mainstream medium of exchange.

Additionally, Buterin responded with a simple “maybe” when the host asked if ETH could outstrip Bitcoin in the coming years. The founder believes that ETH can outperform the king of crypto in both price and store of value.

Compare between Ethereum & Bitcoin

The comparison between Ethereum and Bitcoin’s performance shows a stark difference. According to data from YCharts, BTC has increased by 392.9% over the past year. However, ETH has increased by 822.7% in the same period. Going further back shows similar performance from Ethereum, backing up predictions that it is set to outgrow the Bitcoin network.

Average growth also shows more favorable metrics for ETH. In contrast to ETH’s average growth rate of 195.5%, BTC has an average growth rate of 90.90%.

Buterin is not alone in thinking that the Ethereum blockchain will surpass Bitcoin in the future. deVere CEO Nigel Green says that Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin “within the next five years”. As of now, Bitcoin continues to lead the market in terms of price. But as investors move towards more utility, Bitcoin drops in price and Ethereum offers more value to investors.

At the time of writing by 5ROI Global, although the price of BTC fell deeply to 37808.97 USD, this coin still brings great economic potential for investors.


Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are powerful players in the global cryptocurrency market. Ahead of the momentum, many believe that Ethereum can outperform Bitcoin and will become the new king in the Crypto world in the next few years. 

However, nothing can be predicted, especially when the market is so volatile as cryptocurrencies are not. We can only recognize and distinguish Ethereum and Bitcoin to avoid confusion and continue to support our favorite coin.

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