Setting of Google Authentication


What is a Google verifier? Google validator is a dynamic password tool that works like SMS dynamic validation. After binding, a dynamic verification code is generated every 30 seconds, which can be used for security verification of operations such as login, withdrawal, and modification of security Settings. How to set:

1. Logged in and click User Center on the top right

2. To bind Google Authentication, click “Bind”

3. Download Google Authenticator (GA) on your phone

(IOS User: Click to download on APP STORE)

(ANDROID User: Click to download on PLAYSTORE)

 4. Open Google Authenticator APP, click “+” button,  scan barcode or manual entry 16-digit keys

Google Authenticator APP:

5. Input Email or Phone verification code, GA generated 6 digit code and click “Complete”


save the 16-bit key or QR code for future reset. Do not delete this double authentication password account, otherwise you will be unable to account operation; If you delete by mistake, you can get it again by resetting the key.

If you forget backup keys or qr code: please submit the following information to the repair order: UID, handheld id photos, and on the white paper indicated: to apply for replacement of Google, personal signature, date, submit to the repair order: https://5ROI

After handling by the attendant, you can rebind the new Google verification code.

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