ROI Airdrop Program To OLA Holders


5ROI Global is pleased to announce the 5ROI beta airdrop program exclusively for all OLA Holders (OLA Holders) from May 20, 2021 to August 29, 2021The specific program is as follows:

  • Starting at 05:00 AM (UTC) May 20th, 2021, each member who stores at least 50,000 OLA at 5ROI Global will receive the corresponding amount of ROI coins according to the ratio: 100 OLA gets 1 ROI per day for a period of 99 days.
  • Accounts that are Staking OLA at 5ROI Global will receive the amount of ROI at the rate of 100 OLA and receive 1.2 ROI per day for a period of 99 days.


  • The first Airdrop phase will take place in 99 days starting at 5:00 (UTC)  May 20th, 2021.
  • The “Airdrop” ROI coin will automatically return to members’ 5ROI wallet.
  • From June 6, 2021, members holding OLA in the official version will also receive ROI like the beta version until the end of the program.

We firmly believe that this will be one of the most awaited and interested Airdrop programs by Ola City and 5ROI Global community members. To understand more about 5ROI Global as well as about the ROI coin, members can refer to the following information in detail.

I. About 5ROI Global

5ROI Global is an international cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for the delivery of various cryptocurrencies around the world. 5ROI has low transaction fees, fast transaction processing speed with electronic financial services: Spot, Futures, Launchpad, Credit line, Staking… potential. 5ROI supports multi-language as well as multi-device with high safety and security to bring the most convenience to investors.

II. About ROI token

ROI is a cryptocurrency issued by the 5ROI trading platform. ROI token runs on the Binance Smart Chain platform, which will be issued in a limited number, with the aim of promoting trading activity at 5ROI. The purpose of using ROI on 5ROI is mainly to pay for transaction fees, exchange fees, and other services in the 5ROI financial ecosystem.

5ROI Global,

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