Reasons to invest in FAM Central – The blockchain project to develop the film and entertainment industry


FAM Central is a platform that possesses outstanding strengths when integrating blockchain technology into operating projects in the film and entertainment industry under a new model. The application of blockchain technology has helped FAM Central become an ecosystem to catch up with global trends and a project worth investing in in the current context. The ecosystem promises to bring investors breakthrough values, create a digital universe in the field of cinema and entertainment.

Catching up with the global trend

When the CM 4.0 boomed, many businesses caught up with the global development trend when applying blockchain technology, cloud computing, etc. to create a modern ecosystem and achieved much success. And FAM Central has also made a breakthrough when applying blockchain technology to the field of cinema and entertainment.

FAM Central is ahead of the global trend when combining modern technologies and activating innovative and unique models. 

NFTentertainment: NFT is currently a craze in the market and will grow very strongly in the near future. This is a great technology for blockchain in helping to realize its full potential as a revenue generator for inventors and creators that the movie and entertainment industry can take full advantage of. their creativity thanks to NFT technology.

Metaverse: FAM Central is based on the idea of ​​​​building the Metaverse, a digital universe but connected to the physical world – for film projects and entertainment artists to help create experiences. Super unique experience for fans on FAM Central’s ecosystem.

Enjoytoearn: FAM Central pioneered the “Enjoy to earn” model, a new form of breaking the traditional way in which fans interact with their favorite projects and artists before, no longer simply “” enjoy” art products” but with the orientation of upgrading “fan economy” to a new level, fans not only have a super unique experience but also generate great profits.

Fanvestor: Along with the model of “fan economy”, the idea that FAM Central created to help Fans can both satisfy their entertainment passion and generate income with their role. role as an investor: “Fan + Investor = Fanvestor”

FAM Token – Strong Growth Potential 

FAM Token is known as the foundation token of the FAM Central ecosystem and is a token with potential for growth in the market.

FAM Token is known as the foundation token of the FAM Central ecosystem and is a token with potential for growth in the market. Currently, the price of FAM token has increased by nearly 10% (equivalent to 0.43 USDT) compared to the price at IEO on VNDC (with ATH of 0.64 USDT), so the market capitalization ranges from 1.2 million to 1.5 million USDT (based on nearly 3 million USDT). million FAM tokens in circulation). This is a very good capitalization for those who are new to FAM token, very safe entry price range up to a capitalization of 5 million USDT.

Growth potential: FAM focuses on 2 things: 

  • Product focus and actual project development; 
  • Develop community by listing on new platforms.

Therefore, FAM will not follow the “pump & dump” strategy (roughly translated as “pump and dump”). In other words, the FAM token will not execute a strategy of up and down the token price with a high margin in a short time. Investors do not need to worry when an individual or group of people affects the FAM token for the purpose of manipulating it for profit.

The peculiarity of FAM is that it is associated with real and physical projects, so the growth will follow a sure but stable strategy and accelerate rapidly based on the size of the community and the number of projects on the platform. FAM platform.

Vast ecosystem 

The large ecosystem is also one of the leading strengths that make FAM Central a project worth investing in. The ecosystem will include two main components:

Entertainment ecosystem: entertainment is an industry that is very close to everyone, so the impact factor of FAM on all aspects of life in society is huge. This factor will help the FAM token to make an impact on many industries both in the digital and physical worlds such as cinema, music, comics, games, and even the physical entertainment ecosystem. such as cinemas, places to eat, drink, entertain, and travel.

Utility ecosystem: (crypto & non-crypto) based on blockchain technology, tokenomics model, new business models based on cryptocurrency and connected to the physical world, so Fanvestor community holds FAM tokens will receive full value through these utilities. For example, the DeFi utility helps Fanvestor to generate compound interest through “pool staking and farming”, especially since there will be very interesting “grazing pools” in the near future.

Low risk 

Risk is always a barrier that makes investors falter before projects. But for FAM Central, risk indicators have been anticipated and eliminated so that the project can be put into operation in the safest way.

Reputation Team: The founders team is a team that has been very successful in previous industries. Especially the president of FAM Central – Mr. Charlie Nguyen is a famous producer and director who has had many achievements and influences in the field of cinema in Vietnam and has a network of connections with the electronics industry. photos in the world. 

Mr. Khoa, vice president of FAM Central, was previously also the deputy director of the UNESCO Center for Culture, Education and Training in Vietnam, as well as having professional experience in working with multinational corporations and also had 3 years of experience in blockchain application projects before joining FAM Central. Besides, the project also has Mr. Cris is a prominent figure in the blockchain world in the SEA region. Therefore, this is a very reputable and committed team for the FAM Central project.

Real assets: all projects on FAM Central’s platform are projects that have elements associated with physical assets such as movie scripts, copyrights, artists’ reputations, and real products. economic benefits from brands… Therefore, the possibility of rug pulling or abandonment of the project is almost very low. In addition, FAM Central also has a very thorough project appraisal mechanism to ensure the quality of the projects listed on FAM Central’s platform.

Inflation: with the amount of 100,000,000 (one hundred million tokens) FAM tokens, and especially FAM Central very limited the number of tokens on the market in many forms. And in the long term, FAM Central will build a deflationary mechanism in many ways such as buying and burning tokens.

From the above factors, it can be seen that FAM Central is a remarkable film and entertainment industry development blockchain project and has a lot of potential value. Surely, the project will soon bring expected success and receive the acceptance of the global community.

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