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Overview About TRON (TRX)


With the aim of creating a global free entertainment system thanks to Blockchain and distributed storage, Justin Sun, also known as the “next Jack Ma” has developed the promising TRON project with investors interested in blockchain investment.

Let’s find out what the TRON (TRX) project is, who is the founder of TRON, whether to invest in TRON or not in the article below with 5ROI.

1. What is the TRON project?

TRON, aka TRONIX – TRX for short is a 4th generation blockchain project with the goal of creating a completely free blockchain-based entertainment space. Users are completely free to publish, store and own data. In addition, they can also create an entertainment content ecosystem through the freedom to release, circulate and handle digital assets.

TRON is said to be a direct competitor to Ethereum to create a platform that uses Smart Contracts to deploy dApp applications.

2. Who is the TRON project development team?

The project was developed by Justin Sun – the CEO with a series of great achievements when he was only 27 years old. He was in the top 30 Forbes under 30 of China in 2015 and in the top 30 Forbes under 30 of Asia in 2017 cum person. He is also the founder of Peiwo App – China’s Snapchat. With his string of achievements, the CEO has put TRON in the top 10 of CMC, especially with his tweets that can help TRX to increase 1662% in value.

Besides the CEO, the project’s development team is also full of famous names in the Blockchain field such as CTO Lucien Chan – many years of experience working at big companies like Alibaba, Netease, Tencent; Hitters Xu – founder of Nebulas; Tang Binsen – Founder of Clash of Kings…

3. How the project works

The special point of this project is that Blockchain TRON possesses an advanced 3-layer structure: core layer, application layer and storage layer.

  • At the core layer, the VM will coordinate operations and transactions will be covered to the whole system, from which the liquidity balance is closely monitored.
  • The application layer is where the dApp application interacts with the Smart Contract. Custom participation, making upgrades available to all developers.
  • Information on the blockchain will be stored on the storage layer implemented by the user and the Smart Contract system.

4. About TRX Coin

TRX (or Tronix) is the official cryptocurrency operating in the TRON Blockchain platform. Initially, TRX was built on top of Ethereum according to the ERC-20 standard. On May 31, 2018, TRON officially completed the Mainnet. From there, TRX was moved to run on the TRON Blockchain.

Basic information about TRX coin

  • Ticker: TRX.
  • Blockchain: TRON.
  • Consensus: Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS).
  • Token Type: Coin, Mineable.
  • Token Standard: TRC10, TRC20.
  • Transaction Time: 2000 TPS.
  • Total Supply: 99,281,283,754 TRX.

5. Should we invest in TRON project or not? Where to buy TRX?

With a low price, you only need to spend a small amount of capital to own a relative amount of TRX. In addition, a low value can be beneficial when this token is applied in a payment system, whereby its value can be increased rapidly.

In addition, the project has many outstanding advantages such as a development team full of famous names, fast processing speed and low transaction costs, which always attract the attention of the media.

You can start investing in TRX on a reputable exchange platform like 5ROI. With the advantage of simple and easy transactions, you can quickly own TRX here.

Above is information about what the TRON (TRX) project is, who is the founder of TRON, whether to invest in TRON or not that 5ROI has reported to you. Hope the article can help you better understand the TRON project and the TRX coin. However, there are still many hidden risks, you should learn and consider carefully before investing!

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Risk Disclaimer:

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