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Overview About GAMI Token


1. What is a GAMI Token?

GAMI Token will be used to purchase NFT, Ads & Sponsorship packages on all games created by GAMI Studio.

2. About Liquidity: Team & All-Party GAMI tokens will be locked in a smart contract through Team.Finance (largest 3rd party provider for crypto projects) to ensure liquidity transparent to our community.

3. Information about GAMI Token.

– Project name: GAMI Studio
– Token name: GAMI
– Ticker: GAMI
– Total Supply: 1,500,000,000 GAMI
– Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
– Smart Contract: Here  
– Whitepaper: Here

4. Vesting Schedule 

5.GAMI listing time on 5ROI Global: The time to list GAMI token on 5ROI Global is expected at: April 2nd, 2022.

II. Information about GAMI Studio

1. What is GAMI project?

GAMI Studio is a play-to-earn blockchain-based gaming studio, leveraging AR, VR and NFT technologies to give gamers the ultimate playing experiences and reward them for their enjoyment. This new gaming world begins with two epic games.

GAMI Studio creating a mobile game where gamers can choose characters from historic civilisations whom they can nurture, train and develop to achieve greatness by battling, winning and ascending to the top. A game that allows gamers to take control and re-write history through complex role-play and strategic battles. Champions will taste victory and their spoils of war will be in the form of tokens earned from the battle tournaments. These tokens will have real-world value and can be used in powering up the character and furthering the supremacy of both character and empire. Each empire will become a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) and its members (gamers) will decide its future. Will it become a leading civilization or will it implode?

The game itself combines AR experiences with the disruptive innovations that are only possible through blockchain technology, such as:

– Ownership (NFTs): All mainstream games are centralised, meaning all in-game assets are stored on centralised databases. This results in a world where gamers have no true sovereignty over their characters and in-game assets, rendering them perpetually reliant on centralized entities.

GAMI solves this problem by adopting the power of NFT technology. All in-game assets will be NFTs allowing gamers to maintain ownership of all their purchases. All NFTs will reside in the personal wallets of gamers and no one other than the wallet holder can access the NFTs.

These NFTs are based on the BEP-721 standard allowing items to be unique, have value and be transferable throughout the blockchain ecosystem. Gamers will be able to sell their in-game assets to other gamers within the Gami ecosystem, making true ownership possible for gamers.

– Play to earn (GameFi): Gamers have the freedom to personalise and develop gamer favourite characters and empower him/her with the best skills, weapons & skins (NFTs) to advance gamers in the game and ensure qualification for the most rewarding battle tournaments.

The more people gamer invite to join the game, their influencer points will increase, making their character more influential and therefore have more weight in the decision making processes within the Empire (DAO). Gamer character excitement doesn’t stop there. Go into battle in a digital space with people all over the world, or spawn into their character and battle it out in the real world using Augmented Reality.

– Community governance (DAO): A project is only as strong as its community and GAMI Studio wants to ensure the community has a voice and a say in the direction the platform takes. Each community member that stakes their GAMI token will have a voice that can be expressed through votes on the future decisions of the platform. The structuring of the DAO will be developed over time in conjunction with the community.

Allowing empires to become DAOs (with their own treasury). Whoever stakes their GAMI token qualifies to join their given DAO and vote in strategic decisions to further the expansion and dominance of their empire (DAO) over others.

2. About GAMI Studio’s Revenue:

GAMI Studio aims to develop projects in a sustainable way by creating a large and profitable ecosystem, specifically as follows:

– Create multiple revenue streams for the project.

– Maintain reward groups

– Additional platform tokens

– Build a model to attract customers with the core product of the project.

III. For more information about GAMI project:

🌐 Website:

📣 Twitter:

💭 Telegram:

📲 Alpha App:

🎮 Game Doc:


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