OTC- What If I Did Not Receive The Digital Assets After Successful Payment?


Gentle Reminder:

  • For the safety of your assets, please ensure that the payment method of the other party is consistent with the real-name authentication information and beware of fraud.
  • Please try to avoid huge transaction amount and strengthen Anti-Money Laundering awareness.
  • When conducting transactions on the 5ROI Global OTC platform, please do not indicate sensitive information during the payment process, for example: USDO, digital currency, bitcoin,  BTC,USDT, ETH, etc.
  • If you have any questions during the transaction, please contact us at [email protected]

The USDO legal currency transaction only provides a display of the sale and purchase information, and the actual payment process takes place outside the platform. Card transfer time outside the platform is not controllable.

Please avoid large transfers and non-working hour transfers. It is recommended to set instant transfer. If the transfer exceeds USD 5,000, you can consider separate the payments. If the payment cannot be completed in time, please inform the merchant accordingly. If the other party appeals, please refer to the following solutions:

   1. Open the browser and login URL: (if you don’t have an account, please register first, click here to register your account)​

   2. After logging in to your 5ROI Global account, click on “Help” button at the bottom right corner, as shown below:

   3. Click “Help” – “Contact us” to seek online customer service assistance.

   4. If customer service did not reply in time, you can contact us email [email protected]

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