OTC – How To Modify The Trade Password?


Gentle Reminder:

  • For the safety of your assets, please ensure that the payment method of the other party is consistent with the real-name authentication information and beware of fraud.
  • Please try to avoid huge transaction amount a strengthen Anti-Money Laundering awareness.
  • When conducting transactions on the 5ROI Global OTC platform, please do not indicate sensitive information during the payment process, for example: USDO, digital currency, bitcoin, BTC,USDT, ETH, etc.
  • If you have any questions during the transaction, please contact us at [email protected]

 Modify the trade password:

1. Open the browser and login URL:

2. Click User Center as shown below:

3. Under Asset Password click on “Change” shown below:

4. Enter your new password, confirm new password, click send code, check email inbox / spam box and enter the verification code, click on “submit” and complete as shown below:

  a)Enter your new password.

  b)Reconfirm password , ensure both entered correctly.

  c)Click to send verification code and enter into the field.

  d)Ensure to click the Submit button.

Notice: The withdrawal will be disabled for 24 hours once the password is changed.

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