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After completing the Private Sale, IEO and being officially listed on 5ROI Global, the MegaO project has received a great compliment from the community. Therefore, the AMA with the participation of MegaO CEO – Mr.Amine Kreidi, BD Manager of 5ROI Global – Ms.Violet Bui, and Stech CEO – Mr.Kevin Pham is an opportunity for those interested to learn more about the project. MegaO as well as asking questions to the speakers.

And here are some highlights of the MegaO project mentioned in the past event:

A model that guarantees the value of stablecoins with the assets that MegaO invests in

According to Mr. Amine Kreidi – CEO of MegaO, the stablecoin value guarantee model with the assets invested by the MegaO team will help increase profits and reduce the price difference for investors. In addition, stablecoins are created at a rate that is always below 100% of the value of assets for risk management, there are always assets with a value greater than the total number of stablecoins being issued to the market.

To ensure value as well as transparency in investment, all invested MegaO assets as well as issued MegaO stablecoins are audited every 6 months by a reputable independent auditing company.

MegaO issues different stablecoins based on international fiat currencies to help Investors maximize profits by minimizing exchange rate differences. Currently, MegaO is testing VNDO as a stable coin pegged to VND, in the near future there will be stablecoins pegged to currencies of other countries. At the same time, MegaO will develop stablecoins to be applied as a payment unit in many industries and fields.

In the Q&A session, the CEO also shared that MegaO is maintaining the ratio of collateral assets as 50% real estate, 30% cryptocurrency, 20% cash or cash equivalents. In the future, they plan to adjust the relevance for each period and the actual shape of the market.

Development orientations and strategies of MegaO

As stated by Amine, the four main tasks of MegaO are to raise capital to invest in assets, from this asset to issue stablecoin; to develop exchanges to list and use stablecoin; to develop partners to accept stablecoin payments: e-commerce exchanges, retail chains… and to develop customers using MegaO’s stablecoin.

To complete these tasks, MegaO’s development strategy in the coming time is extremely clear:

Firstly, cooperate with financial groups that can manage and invest in assets with capacity and reputation in the market to deploy investments. Through this, it also partly ensures the transparency and feasibility of the MegaO project.

Secondly, organize events and programs to attract users to know and use the stablecoin of MegaO

Thirdly, invest in blockchain projects by setting aside 20% of the portfolio to invest in early-stage blockchain projects to optimize profits and promote brand popularity and increase projects using MegaO’s stablecoin.

Cooperation with STECH – The leading technology company for Start-ups to grow stronger

In Vietnam, STECH –  a company specializing in investing in technology companies, accompanying and developing to support Startups – will be MegaO’s Strategic partner in the Vietnamese market. CEO of MegaO shared: “For me, STECH is not only a company specializing in investment and start-up support but also a unit that provides ideas and solutions to difficulties arising during project development. MegaO believes that with available resources, STECH will be a reliable partner, enabling the project to gain more achievements shortly.”

STECH will be MegaO’s Strategic partner in the Vietnamese market and help MegaO in developing MegaO’s Vietnamese market, set up, manage the internal team through recruiting, guiding and training business partners and collaborators; Build, promote and take care of MegaO community.

Share orientation to help MegaO Token increase in price in the future

MegaO Token is used as a transaction fee on the MegaO platform and investors holding MegaO Token will receive many preferential benefits and have the opportunity to participate in MegaO’s business activities.

In particular, 30% of the profit from the increase in asset value will be used to buy back MegaO tokens in the market to increase the scarcity for this token. Tokens are used to mint stablecoins and receive a bonus compared to the price of MegaO being traded in the market. Of course, it will come with a few conditions to avoid manipulating market prices for profit, Mr. Amine shared in the Q&A session.

Outstanding questions from event attendees

The event received great support from the community interested in blockchain and the project, many questions were sent to the program. You can watch the AMA session at 5ROI Global’s Youtube right here

5ROI Global.

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