OLA Staking Program Launching On 5ROI Global


Dear Investors,

5ROI Global officially launches OLA Staking programs from 10:00 (UTC) on March 11th, 2022 with rewards up to 60%/year. Specific package information is as follows:


Total amount


Type Locked by (days) Interest return period


Total cycles


OLA 91D Staking for 36%

100,000,000 Fixed Term 91 7 13


OLA 182D Staking for 48%

100,000,000 Fixed Term 182 7 26


OLA 364D Staking for 60%

100,000,000 Fixed Term 364 7 52



  • The total amount per package might be changed based on the actual number of participants.
  • Old OLA Staking packages on 5ROI Global will stop opening new.

1. Program time 

  • Registration time: 02 days to register since launching;
  • Package interval: New packages launched once every 02 days; 
  • Staking rewards: Right after the registration period ends, the system will start calculating Staking rewards.

2. Conditions 

  • Register and lock the number of OLA participating in Staking.

3. Staking limits  

  • Minimum Staking per user: 10,000 OLA;
  • Maximum Staking per user: 5,000,000 OLA.

For more information about the program, contact [email protected]

5ROI Global


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