MegaO Implements Issuance and Listing of VNDO According to the Initial Plan


Dear members,

In order to properly implement the initial deployment plan and facilitate customer transactions when using stablecoins. MegaO partner continues to implement and list VNDO. From September 8, 2021 5ROI Global will support partners to convert MVNDO to VNDO with the following details:

  • Conversion rate: 1 VNDO = 1 VND.
  • Members can deposit, withdrawal with Spot trading at 5ROI Global from September 8, 2021.
  • Stop trading MVNDO at 5ROI Global system from September 22, 2021.

About MegaO & VNDO

MegaO provides a Stablecoin solution with a local currency that can use Stable coins to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges quickly, safely and conveniently.

VNDO is a stablecoin digital currency pegged to VND at the rate of 1 VNDO = 1 VND. MegaO ensures liquidity for parity conversion at all times helping investors to trade cryptocurrency pairs on the market quickly, safely and conveniently. VNDO can be transferred, stored and used just like other cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to all investors and members for trusting and supporting 5ROI Global Exchange.

For more details please contact us at: [email protected]  

Best regards,

5ROI Global 

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