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Learn & Earn With BOBC


Dear members,

After agreeing with the partner, the Bob Eco AMA will be replaced by Learn & Earn with BOBC with an airdrop of 99 BOBC worth up to 300 USDT, details are as follows:

1. Time and Reward:

  • Time: From 08:00 UTC, April 28th, 2022, to 08:00 UTC, May 4th, 2022.
  • Reward: Airdrop 99 BOBC to the 33 lucky members.

2. How to join:

  • Step 1: Members watch the introduction video about the Bob Eco project here
  • Step 2: Members proceed to answer the questions here

3. Conditions:

  • The answer must be correct with the information contained in the introduction video about the Bob Eco project.
  • The UIDs will be aggregated and randomly selected to choose the 30 luckiest people (each member can only receive one reward).
  • Time to receive rewards: After 7 days from the end of the event.

Bob Eco (the company behind bobcoin) produces and leases out electric two- and three-wheeled vehicles in developing countries and controls the charging network for battery swapping. Bob Eco has embedded a social impact into the heart of its business to create employment and protect environmental protection; while allowing coin holders to make a good return on their tokens. Bob Eco offers asset finance to spur human potential across emerging markets. The project challenges the status quo and offers underserved people a frictionless opportunity to purchase a Bob vehicle and earn a stable income.

Bobcoin (BOBC) is a social asset-backed crypto – a cryptographically secured representation of the rights of a Bobcoin holder to receive a benefit from their tokens. As every Bobcoin is linked to an electric vehicle managed by Bob Eco, the tokens are always backed by the value of the asset they represent. These assets cover electric vehicles and objects in the Bob Ecosystem, which both clean the environment and help people in developing countries to make a living.

– For more information about the Bob Eco project & BOBC Toke visit: Here

– Trading BOBC/USDT with 5ROI Global right: Here

Best regards,

Risk Disclaimer:  

For investors, trading digital assets are not just an opportunity but also a challenge with the potential outstanding return. Users are encouraged to carefully consider their investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.

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