Instructions To Submit An Appeal While Trading OTC


I. Support investors during OTC trading

After completing the payment and the expiry time, however the seller has not released the assets, you can not contact the seller or the buyer does not make the payment on time, or there are other problems arising in the OTC trading process. Please contact us immediately by “Send Complaint” for quick support.

Note: Some unexpected problems may occur during the transaction, for example, during the release asset process the seller has a technical problem or the buyer has made the payment but the banking system has some errors. Due to the problem, the buyer has not received the money on time. Please wait patiently and contact the buyer/the seller via chat window, after the expiry time has expired, if you still cannot contact the seller/buyer, please submit a complaint once, submit many complaints at the same time will be remarked as spam by the 5ROI system.

II. Specific instructions for submitting a complaint

Step 1: Please keep the transaction window open and click “Submit an appeal” after the time limit for asset release is exceeded.

Note: Please save the pictures/receipt or videos of the payments you have made as proof to ensure the authenticity of the information.

Step 2: After clicking “Send Complaint”, the interface will show all information including “Select the reason for the complaint” and “Fill in the reason for the complaint”.

   1. The reasons for the complaint may include:

  • The buyer did not make payment
  • The seller did not release the digital assets
  • Verbal insult
  • Other party did not respond to the message
  • Others

   2. If your reason for the complaint is not in the list of suggestions, please select “Other” and specify the reason according to your case and then click “Submit”.

Step 3: After submitting the reason for the complaint, click “Upload proof” for the system to confirm the information.

The interface “Upload proof” will show the function to add photos/videos, please select the appropriate photo/video and press “Submit” to add proof.

In addition, you can review the photos/videos you have uploaded by clicking “View” before completing the submission of proof.

Step 4: After completing the complaint submission, the chat box on the right of the interface will send announcements about the complaint status. At this time, the system will check the order and contact the seller to verify and request to push the process of releasing assets.

Step 5: After the seller releases the asset, the system will send a confirmation message saying “Seller confirms your payment”. Please check your balance.

Step 6: To keep track of order status and check transaction history, click “Order”, then the interface will show “Order history” and the status is “Completed”. Select “Export” if you want to export the data.

Thank you investors for your attention and support on 5ROI Global. Please contact 5ROI Global team on any channel to receive answers and feedback about the account registration process.

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