Instruction For Publishing ADs OTC Market


Investors please Set Fiat OTC Account to perform OTC transactions or read the article Instructions For Setting Fiat OTC Account for more information.

I. Instructions to access the OTC page

When logging into 5ROI Global homepage, select the OTC category to switch to the 5ROI’s OTC page.

This is the main interface of OTC providing all the buying/the selling information as well as “Publish ADs” feature. Publishing ADs means that you will place an order to sell or to buy your digital assets on the OTC market.

II. Specific instructions for publishing ADs

   1. Access to OTC page

Please click Publish ADs in the left corner of the screen to access Publish ADs interface.

   2. Information about trading units in OTC

  • The trading unit in OTC used is USDT/VNDO
  • USDT Index:23011.00 VND (rate may change occasionally, please double check the rate before trading).
  • Fixed price: the price you want to list for your digital assets.
  • Note: Fixed price cannot be lower than USDT index.
  • Amount: is the number of digital assets you want to sell.
  • Limit: includes the minimum and maximum, helps you limit the amount of digital assets you want to sell and the buyer must afford this limit to be able to conduct the transaction.
  • Remark (optional): You can add a special note/requirement about the payment method or provide more information about payment gateways other than bank cards so that buyers can pay flexibly.

   3. Publishing ADs

Step 1: Determining whether you need to buy or sell by clicking “I want to buy/I want to sell” and select the trading unit “USDT/VNDO”.

Step 2: Setting ADs unit price by entering the unit price you want to list in the “Fixed price” blank. And set the trading volume by entering the amount of digital assets you want to sell in the “Amount” blank.

You must consider and compare the data among traders to come up with appropriate unit prices.

Note: A fixed price cannot be lower than the USDT/VNDO index.

Step 3: Setting a transaction limit, each trader will have a different transaction limit, you can refer to it to come up with an appropriate limit. The minimum single trade limit and the maximum single trade limit will be converted to VND.

Example: A trader wants to sell his digital assets and has a transaction limit as follows:

  • Minimum single trade limit: 360,000 VND
  • Maximum single trade limit: 1,000,000 VND,

Thus, with this limit, the buyer can only buy the amount of USDT from 20 USDT to 41 USDT per transaction.

Step 4: After completing the above information, click the “Publish ADs” button. You have successfully published your ADs.

Step 5: Return to the OTC interface to view your ADs, the ADs will be sorted by the descending time.

Thank you investors for your attention and support on 5ROI Global. Please contact 5ROI Global team on any channel to receive answers and feedback about the account registration process.

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