Instruction For Buying On OTC Market


Investors please Set Fiat OTC Account to perform OTC transactions or read the article Instructions For Setting Fiat OTC Account for more information.

I. Instructions to enter the OTC page

When logging into 5ROI Global homepage, select the OTC category to switch to the 5ROI’s OTC page.

This is the main interface of OTC providing all the buying/the selling information. Selecting buy/ sell by clicking I WANT TO BUY/I WANT TO SELL and select your favorite coin USDT/ VNDO, OTC interface will show information about these transactions.

II. Specific instructions for buying USDT/VNDO

   1. Access to OTC page

Please click I WANT TO BUY in the left corner of the screen to access the Buy OTC interface and here is the information about BUY USDT.

   2. Information about trading units in OTC

  • The trading unit in OTC used is USDT/VNDO
  • USDT Index:23011.00 VND (rate may change occasionally, please double check the rate before trading).

   3. Conducting transactions

Step 1: Selecting your favorite coin (USDT/VNDO), the interface will update all information, including: Trade Name, Completion Rate, Payment Methods, Balance Amount, Limit and Unit Price.

You can consider and compare the price among sellers to make the suitable selection. After selecting a suitable seller, click “BUY USDT” to start conducting the transaction.

Step 2: Firstly, enter the amount of USDT you want to buy into the “Amount of USDT”, the system will automatically convert the exchange rate to VND. Then, fill in your asset password and check the information transaction again. Lastly click the “Buy” button in the lower right corner to BUY USDT.

Step 3: Now, the interface will show all information of the transaction, including Seller Information, Unit Price, Order Number, Order Time. You need to select a Payment Method by clicking Bank Card. Please double check your order carefully and click “Confirm Payment”.


  • In order to prevent payment interception, bank card frozen or other issues, which may result in payment delay or failed payment, please do not fill in information such as BTC, USDT, ETH as remarks during transfer.
  • The real name of your Bank Card, Alipay, etc. should be the same with your KYC information, otherwise the seller may reject your order and make an appeal.
  • In order to avoid the loss of assets, please make sure you click on “Confirm Payment” after successful transfer, otherwise the order will be canceled automatically when it exceeds the time limit.
  • For asset safety purposes, no withdrawal is allowed of equivalent OTC purchase asset amount within 36 hours.

Step 4: Please confirm the information to ensure the Payment Amount and Payment Method match the merchant’s information and click “Confirm Payment” to complete the transaction.


  • 5ROI Global does not support automatic trading, please pay for the account above.
  • After completing the payment, please contact the seller in the chat window and send the successful invoice/document for faster confirmation.

At the same time, there will be a “Announcement of confirming payment” from the system sent to your SMS according to the phone number you registered.

Step 5: To keep track of order status and check transaction history, click “Order”, then the interface will show “Order history” and the status is “Completed”. Select “Export” if you want to export the data.

Thank you investors for your attention and support on 5ROI Global. Please contact 5ROI Global team on any channel to receive answers and feedback about the account registration process.

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