Hungary: Inauguration of the statue of Satoshi Nakamoto


Recently, Utoday updated the news about Hungary inaugurating the Satoshi Nakamoto statue at Graphisoft technology park. Satoshi Nakamoto is the father of the world famous cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

It is known that this is the first SatoShi Nakamoto statue to be carved and introduced to the world. The statue of the father of Bitcoin was inaugurated on September 16, 2021 in the Hungarian city of Budapest. 

The statue is made from copper with the same stimulation as a real person. The statue depicts him wearing a hood and is engraved with a Bitcoin symbol on the left side. SatoShi Nakamoto’s face is cast from gilded aluminum, so the lighting is very prominent.

The statue makers said: “The face is the most important place and leaves an indelible mark on everyone. So we created a reflective surface like a mirror so people can see themselves in it. Each of us can become SatoShi Nakamoto.”

According to some sources, the statue was inspired by crypto journalist András Györfi. In an interview, he asserted that the creator’s identity no longer matters. This made many people feel wrong and decided to drop the statue of SatoShi. 

The place where the statue is located is Budapest park with many major company headquarters. This is also the park where the statue of Steve Jobs – the co-founder of Apple.

Earlier, in 2018, Ukraine also presented a virtual statue of Satoshi in Kyiv city and received the attention of the global community.

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