How to reset/unbind the phone number


I. How to change the mobile phone number

If the ACCOUNT of 5ROI platform can log in successfully and obtain the mobile phone verification code normally, then the following operation is performed

APP: Login account – Personal Center – Security – Mobile phone verification, click change

Web: Login account – User center – Mobile authentication, click change

II. If 2FA is lost and cannot log in the account or obtain the mobile phone verification code, do the following

For the safety of your account and assets, you need to submit the following information to the work order:

  1. Provide the registration UID/ email/phone number
  2. Take photos with your id photo and handwritten instructions and upload them

(Handwritten instructions: note on the white paper: XXX, the application for untying the mobile phone number bound on the 5ROI Exchange, personal signature, date and platform will be verified as soon as possible, and the untying will be carried out after verification)

Note: To unbind the phone number, you need to bind the email address

Upon receipt, the customer service on duty will verify and deal with it within 2 working days. Please pay attention to the update of the work order

Work order link:

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