How To Participate in IEO ROI Token


I. Instructions to enter the IEO ROI Token interface

First of all, after logging in to the website, selecting the IEO item on the toolbar will redirect to the interface as shown below:

You can see in the interface above showing the ongoing IEO programs. The information will be regularly updated through the website Follow the steps above to update information quickly!

Select by left clicking on the program. The IEO Roi Token interface will display full information.

You will see a horizontal list including Issue PriceTotal VolumeTokens and reference information: Official WebsiteWhitepaper and Blockchain Browser.

II. Guide to buy ROI token

1. Units in IEO:

Returning to the upper right corner of the screen, you will see the information about the IOE ROI Token. 

The transaction unit in ROI Token IEO Block 3 is Set

Conversion price: 1 Set = $50 = 50,000 ROI

You need to check:

  • Available Balance (the USDT balance available in your account)
  • Available Sets (the number of Sets that can be purchased corresponding to the balance)

5ROI Global accepts payment via digital currency: USDT

(You can make a transfer immediately on the IEO interface in case you don’t have USDT in your account to buy IEO).

2. Make a purchase of ROI tokens

Step 1:

  • After determining the number of Sets you want to buy in the program, enter the corresponding Set quantity and press Confirm Order to proceed with the transaction. An order confirmation window will appear.

Step 2:

  • After clicking Confirm Order successfully, the interface above will appear. Please drag the puzzle pieces into the blank space to complete the confirmation.
  • The system will conduct a successful transaction and show a customer information window  immediately.

Step 3:

  • Fill in your personal information including: Contact (Name), Phone NumberCountry , Detailed address and press Save.
  • It will be important for 5ROI Global to confirm your information correctly and solve the problem if any problems occur during the 5ROI IEO participation.

  • Note: You can press the X button to skip this step.

Step 4

  • Check the Available balance information and Available sets again. When the transaction is finished, the information related to your account balance will be updated immediately.

3. Check ROI Token purchased

After making a successful IEO purchase, you can check the ROI Token received in your ROI wallet on 5ROI Global.

You can go to Balance -> Wallet Balance to check your balance and trading activities. The screen will show the current ROI balance in your wallet.

You can visit History -> Others to see your transaction history and know how much ROI you have successfully purchased from IEO.

In the History section will display the entire amount of transactions in the program.

Thank you investors for your interest and support for 5ROI Global by buying ROI Token on IEO ROI Token program!

Please contact 5ROI Global on any channel to receive responses to investors’ questions about the IEO ROI Token program.

5ROI Global 


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