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Recently, 5ROI Global has officially launched the Staking OLA and Staking USDT Program with attractive bonuses up to 48%. What is Staking? That is the question from many investors buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Staking is a rather strange concept for new investors. Therefore, to understand clearly about the form and how to participate in Staking, please follow the article below.

1. What is Staking?

Staking is the purchase of cryptocurrencies and holding them in a crypto wallet for a specific period of time. This is similar to a fixed deposit in a bank, and it will reward you with a fixed interest rate at the end of the period specified in the contract. Currently, many exchanges also provide staking services for users to use. 5ROI Global exchange is launching Staking OLA and Staking USDT Program with attractive bonus up to 48%

2. Instructions for 5ROI Global Staking

Step 1: Log into your 5ROI Global account, select “Staking” at the toolbar.


Step 2:  Here you can view all “ Fixed-term Products” and “Flexible-term Products” plans with estimated annual yield percentage (estimated APY); quota available.


Step 3: Select the asset you want to stake, then click “Order Now”


Step 4: You will then find detailed information about the selected staking product. After confirming the details, enter the amount you want to stake and click “Confirm Order”.


Step 5: After completing the Staking package, the order status will be displayed as follows.


Step 6: 

  • To view Staking assets, select “Balance” -> “Staking”


  • To see the reward schedule, select “Orders” -> “Staking Order”



– Staking bonus will be calculated after 7 days from the successful registration of Staking package and allocated to the user’s wallet.

– OLA order limit

  • Minimum Staking per user: 10,000 OLA
  • Maximum Staking per user: 100,000,000 OLA

–  USDT order limit

  • Minimum Staking per user: 10 USDT
  • Maximum Staking per user: 10,000 USDT

Refer here for more information about the program.

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