Highlights of Gulf Blockchain Week 2021 Event 


On October 12, 2021, the global event Gulf Blockchain Week 2021 organized by NexChange Group, Evolution Group and EcoX Dubai with the sponsorship of 5ROI Global officially took place and was a great success. The event received a lot of attention from the global community with interesting sharings from famous speakers.

Gulf Blockchain Week 2021 conference is honored to have the participation of: 

  • Mr. David Do – CEO and Founder of 5ROI Global. 
  • Ms. Anita Kalergis – CEO of Ipsum Consulting. 
  • Mr. Pawel Sobkow – CEO of ECN 
  • Mr. Pedro Rivera – Community Builder, Blockchain Investor.

Community Building & Potential Development of Blockchain Projects

During the discussion, the speakers brought up many interesting points related to creating trust in the community and finding ways to retain them. Mr. David Do – CEO of 5ROI Global – shared his thoughts on one of the first applications of Blockchain which is Finance and digital currency. The technology will have a direct impact on the wallets of users on the exchange. Mr. David Do had useful sharing about his knowledge and experience in the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, he also made a point about building a brand strategy to attract customers. “We will create a model or a product that users can join for its sake. During the investment or engagement journey, customers can learn more about other products,” emphasized Mr. David.

In addition, the CEO of 5ROI Global also pointed out the close relationship between Customers – Investors – Business Partners – Growth of products or services – System operation. These factors must be linked together to create a diverse and thriving ecosystem. Customers need to trust and support the company through calling activities from that company. This will help create more motivation for the company to develop further in the future. In fact, businesses can bring more value and benefits to investors.

Mr. Paweł Sobkow – CEO of ECN made the point that the growth of the company is one of the most important things. Customers also need to research the development team, communication, background of the projects to put their trust in the right place.

Understanding the strength of the community as well as the interrelationships within the business, Ms. Nikita Kalergis – CEO of Ipsum Consulting shared more about how the community can bring projects forward as a catalyst. help develop the national economy. Take the example of Tron’s community, which is flourished by a team of young Chinese people. They always believe in the product and national strength. With the trust and support among the community, we have an “unbreakable” project.

In addition to trust, Mr. David Do also shared about transparency when using real cases from banks. Currently, we find that there are many traditional banks that apply blockchain technology to international transactions. “Of course, traditional banks already have trust from customers, and blockchain technology is just a tool to accelerate transaction speed and create better interaction globally,” he emphasized at the meeting seminar.

At the end of his exchange, the CEO of 5ROI Global affirmed that: “We are focusing more on new projects instead of shifting traditional business activities, changing the traditional model to the model. Blockchain-based. For these changes, we can easily manage and bring resources to grow.”

When traditional businesses can integrate and develop Blockchain technology in practice, their customer/partner base will grow more rapidly. New technology will help traditional businesses, especially those in the financial sector, to grow globally.

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