Highlights of AMA Program Between XIXO Ecosystem and 5ROI Global


On August 31, 5ROI Global successfully organized an AMA session with XIXO Ecosystem to help investors and the global community better understand XIXO Ecosystem – A digital ecosystem for the Real Estate, Construction and Industry community. The sharing session was successful and attracted the attention of a large number of members, along with founders and leaders from both sides.

XIXO Ecosystem- Digital ecosystem for Construction, Real Estate and Industry communities

5ROI Global is known as a multi-application financial and cryptocurrency trading platform, helping startups to reach investors around the world through programs such as IEO, Airdrop, Staking,… Since its launch on 06/06/2021, 5ROI Global has implemented many potential projects and the most prominent among them is IEO TKX Token.

“One of the latest projects we have launched is the IEO TKX Token program launched by XIXO Ecosystem- A company that operates businesses using PropTech technology.” Mr. Philip Le – COO 5ROI Global said.

TKX Token has received a lot of attention and trust from investors and the community through the Private Sales program and IEO campaign. TKX Token at IEO Block 2 is offering for sale at $0.0015. The value of TKX is forecasted to quickly increase very high in the future with the many potentials that this Token brings.

Vision and mission of the XIXO Ecosystem

XIXO’s platforms help to connect all Real Estate, Construction and Industrial transactions with modeling, digitization, automation, personalization, specialization and visualization. Creating, maintaining and developing a global value supply chain, contributing to turning construction services into “Global supply, local service”.

“Since its inception, XIXO has defined development as an ecosystem in the fields of Real Estate, Construction and Industry, connecting all these activities with 4 main pillars: is an e-commerce platform, in English is currently owns 3000 booths, 20,000 products with tens of thousands of visits, this platform not only sells products but also sells services; X-link employment social network; blockchain bank XBank; Mainnet XOT, helping to promote and develop the machine economy, the sharing economy and the management of buildings and smart cities.”Mr. Truong Thanh – CEO XIXO Ecosystem shared.

One topic that has attracted the attention of the community is the development of XIXO’s own Mainnet – XOT (Exchange of Things) connecting all things, Mr. Raymond Chu – Founder of XIXO Ecosystem shared: “XIXO forms a validated mainnet by the nodes of the buildings so that the mainnet forms the real estate building networks, the real estate community and the XIXO testnet is expected to be operational in October 2021. The mainnet will officially run in the first quarter of 2022. and XIXO engineers will design applications on that mainnet and will target the real estate construction community and target the transformation from physical assets and digital assets and vice versa.”

XIXO Ecosystem and TKX Token: Potential and Application

Since its launch, Token X (TKX) has been identified as a means of exchanging goods, to run smart contracts for peer-to-peer transactions in the community of XIXO as well as other ecosystems that are connected to XIXO. Investors can use TKX to invest in the XIXO ecosystem such as Xbank, Mainnet, XOTA, Xlink social network.

Sharing more about the potential and application of TKX Token, Mr. Raymond Chu – Founder XIXO Ecosystem said: “Token X is a blockchain ledger, so it is used for traceability and retrieval of value chains to form a property, a process of forming those value chains. And Token X is used to run both smart contracts and to trace the origin and to store that data. Token X as a tool to crowdfund real estate projects, factory projects or a startup idea. Token X is also used for specific operations in real estate and construction activities such as guarantee activities, advance activities, contracting activities, bidding and warranty activities and derivative activities that capitalize the real estate market in the future. We position and affirm that Token X belongs to the community, by the community and for the community in real estate construction and large-scale industrial production.”

The number of 10 billion TKX issued will become increasingly scarce and the value will increase higher and higher. “TKX will open wide and list on exchanges in September this year such as BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Latoken, Pancakes Wap, Gate and MEXC. At the beginning of next year, we will launch Mainnet XOT.” Mr. Truong Thanh – CEO XIXO Ecosystem shared about the development orientation of TKX Token in the future. 

XBANK – Digital bank for Real Estate, Construction and Industry community

Pioneering in the digitization of Real Estate, Construction and Industry, XIXO aims to build a global ecosystem for this unique but also extremely important community. XIXO shows its vision with extremely potential projects, especially the launch of Blockchain Bank – Xbank this September.

“Xbank is a blockchain bank, which is a bank that stores ledgers of all kinds of transactions in the crypto ecosystem as well as the fiat ecosystem. Xbank is simply a bridge, an extension arm between fiat and crypto and in crypto in the process of shifting resources from fiat to crypto. The mission is to change the perspective of banking in the near future, which is considered an invention in terms of economics and finance. Xbank is a community bank, so transaction ledgers are operated by blockchain and transaction approval operations are by nodes. Xbank was born immediately and can develop globally, not locally. XBank’s mission defines that: Only TKX Token holders can buy shares of Xbank. And this share is also stored on the blockchain ledger, no one can erase or fake it.” According to Mr. Raymond Chu – Founder XIXO Ecosystem.

Global Development Plan, entering China, Singapore, Brazil

Based on the achievements, in the near future, XIXO Ecosystem is determined to penetrate into the world’s leading market such as China, the leading development market in Southeast Asia, Singapore or the market in South America with potential. – Brazil.

“We plan to expand first in China because this is considered a potential cryptocurrency market, the largest market in the world as well as Vietnam, then Brazil and the whole world. This September, we will open a China office in Shanghai as well as Beijing when we list on the exchange, then will open an office in Singapore this September. Besides, we will expand to Brazil by the end of this year or early next year.”Mr. Truong Thanh revealed about XIXO’s international development plan.

“We will bring the model of XIXO from banks, to real estate supermarkets, construction supermarkets to establish Brazil as a gateway to combine with Cuba so that we’re going to do it in less selective countries than in the developed world. That’s why we entered the Brazilian market. People from all over the world can be willing to register with XIXO to become a partner from now on with Xbank or a partner of XIXO to exchange goods on across borders. You can become an agent under the support of 5ROI Global or XIXO.” Mr. Raymond shared the reasons and opportunities to expand into the Brazilian market.

A very special point in this AMA, Mr. Raymond Chu – Founder XIXO Ecosystem also officially announced the TKX Global Social Fund – where everyone can contribute to construction projects, repair schools, hospitals,… for disadvantaged areas around the world. TKX Global Social Fund will be managed by XBank and non-profit community activities.

The official wallet address of the TKX Global Social Fund on the Binance Smart Chain network: 0xBBB38F80C2B02d2Fb5adee3ee4DFf71eFDE5069B

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The success of XIXO Ecosystem and TKX Token contributes to taking the vision of 5ROI Global further, developing into a financial ecosystem, supporting the startup community around the world.

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