FAM Central – Blockchain ​​Foundation For The Entertainment Industry


Grasping the development trend, applying blockchain technology to operate projects in the film and entertainment industries, 5ROI Global recently invested in FAM Central – A digital ecosystem connecting the digital world and the digital world. The real world promotes the entertainment model on the blockchain platform. Thereby, 5ROI Global will work with partners to launch IEO sales and list FAM – Tokens for “Fanvestors” – on 5ROI Global on September 18, 2021.

FAM Central Platform

FAM Central is an investment and entertainment ecosystem for Fanvestor (Fan + Investor) with Blockchain technology and new business models, to help fans satisfy their passion for entertainment and generate income. as an investor.

The FAM Central platform combines NFT and DeFi, built on the Binance Smart Chain platform. FAM Central is based on the idea of ​​​​building the Metaverse – a digital universe connected to the physical world – to help create compelling experiences for fans in the entertainment field.

The ecosystem works with movie and entertainment partners to create unique experiences for the Fanvestor community such as: investing in movie and entertainment projects, buying unique collectibles NFT version, participating in an open financial ecosystem dedicated to the entertainment industry…

Participating members will receive many attractive incentives from the FAM Central ecosystem depending on their membership rank.

Components of the FAM Central ecosystem

FAM Central is gathered by 3 core components, which are important in building and operating the ecosystem.

FAM LAUNCHPAD: is a platform to help projects raise capital through IDO – a form of token issuance on a decentralized platform. This is a launching pad for movie and entertainment projects, helping these projects reach the majority of investors and turn those investors into Fanvestor.

FAM NFT INCUBATION: is a product that helps incubate cinema, entertainment and artists projects, projects in the development and release of the NFT genesis set with appropriate tokenomics models. FAM collaborates with many major NFT partners around the world to release the NFT Genesis kit to the fan community and Fanvestor.

FAM DEFI ECOSYSTEM: is a decentralized financial ecosystem, an important piece for Fanvestor, holders of FAM token, project token and NFT ecosystems. This open financial ecosystem will help increase liquidity, increase utility, and create strong financial leverage to multiply investors’ assets.

FAM Central platform features

The outstanding features of FAM Central have helped the platform gain the attention and support of investors and the global community. Features include: 

  • Launchpad: Help introduce projects to Fanvestor, who are always looking for investment opportunities in potential projects or favorite projects. 
  • DAO community: Helps to connect and closely link the project with Fanvestor through decentralized forms to help empower Fanvestor more such as voting rights and transparent reward mechanism. 
  • NFT platform: Allows the release of NFT genesis and NFT collections for the project. 
  • NFT marketplace: Create a space to buy, sell and exchange NFT items that have been released. 
  • Liquidity: Helping to create liquidity for token projects, NFT is developed on the platform of FAM Central. 
  • DEFI platform: Helping to increase utility for token projects, the project’s NFT is developed on the platform of FAM Central.

FAM token – Platform token

FAM token is a platform token, a membership token (utility token) created on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) standard, only FAM token holders can use FAM’s features and ecosystem. 

FAM Token represents the “Right to Use” features on FAM Central’s platform and ecosystem or is paid as a fee to use FAM Central’s system and solutions.

In addition, the FAM token is also a condition for: 

  • Buy NFT Launchpad. 
  • Join Project Launchpad for movie projects.
  • Enjoy the DeFi Ecosystem.
  • Get paid according to membership.  
  • Right to vote in the FAM Ecosystem.

Product and project launch roadmap

The FAM Central ecosystem has planned to launch products and projects with a clear roadmap and development orientation. Specifically, the plan is operated as follows: 

  • September: Launching website & farming pool. 
  • October: Launching CSR NFT project with Vietnamese artists Film project launch: The Orbit.
  • November: Launching a crowdfunding website for the Vietnamese film industry.
  • December: Launching NFT marketplace for Artists.

And by the first quarter of 2022: FAM Central ecosystem will expand the market and develop into new countries.

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