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Enter an “unlimited life” with SkyDOS – The new Metaverse project officially launched


With the ambition of making it possible for people to enter an unlimited life, SkyDOS – a new Metaverse project developed by leading technology experts was officially launched in early March. So what is SkyDOS? How special is this project? Why is SkyDOS considered one of the outstanding Metaverse projects shortly? Let’s 5ROI Global figure it out in the article below!

What is SkyDOS?

SkyDOS is a Metaverse interconnected with the real world aiming at enabling an unlimited and fulfilling life for users. In SkyDOS, people from all over the world can use their Avatar to connect to play, have fun, learn, and even engage in business and investments.

With the image of an artificial planet flying in space, SkyDOS is a place where people around the world can experience, have fun, be entertained, attend virtual events, and engage in building the world of SkyDOS.

SkyDOS embraces the ambition to bring an experience of a future world with a healthy, beautiful, and fair living environment for everyone. With a strong technology foundation and methodical development strategy, SkyDOS is believed to become an outstanding Metaverse project soon.

What could we do at SkyDOS?

The development of modern science and technology has made people do something incredible. Today, with the support of 3D graphics, along with VR and AR technology, we can do more than that, defying the limits and laws of nature.

With the help of the above foundation, SkyDOS has brought about great experiences. With SkyDOS, you can fly like a bird, ride on the back of a tyrannosaurus, and sit on the stage at a concert with an artist halfway around the world. All your limits will be maximized when joining SkyDOS:

  • Unlimited Enjoyment: Re-invent yourself in an unlimited world – play to earn games, attend music events, and exhibitions, run a business, administer land, and explore everything SkyDOS has to offer.
  • Unlimited Creativity: Tap into your wildest dreams – Unleash your creativity, build your SkyDOS, and share it with friends and the community with the Simple Builder tool of SkyDOS.
  • Unlimited Learning: Learn and develop yourself in SkyDOS – World users will be enabled to learn new skills in a friendly, highly interconnected environment.
  • Unlimited Earning: Earn unlimited revenue through multiple income-generating sources – Buy and sell Land, Real Estate, Avatars, participating in Daily Quests, and playing minigames, among others.

Key features of SkyDOS

The SkyDOS ecosystem is made up of small outstanding features. Each feature gives users a unique experience in one aspect, helping you to be most satisfied when immersing in the unlimited space of SkyDOS. Some of them can be listed:

  • Avatar Social network: Users will be required to create their personalized avatar from many customizable combinations and give them a name.
  • Cityland: In Cityland, Landowners will be able to build work such as houses, showrooms, and billboards and monetize their project.
  • NFT Marketplace: The go-to place to trade and manage all your SkyDOS on-chain assets.
  • Ads System: Help businesses promote products easily to users, generating a revenue stream directly for the landholder.
  • Launchpad (IDO platform): Make the SDC token become important for the entire ecosystem.
  • DEX in SkyDOS: People will experience decentralized transactions through completely different VR/3D technology.
  • DAO: Help create a fair, decentralized new world, taking advantage of great resources from society.

About SDC Token

SDC is the main asset operating on the SkyDOS ecosystem, used for a variety of purposes operated by SkyDOS. Some basic information about SDC tokens:

  • Token name: SDC
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 10,000,000
  • Initial Market Cap: $500,000

SkyDOS ‘s team members

SkyDOS developers have many prominent names in the technology industry as well as graphics technology and game development such as:

  • Mr. Kenji Nishimura – CEO: 8 years in game development and operations; experience in managing, directing, and planning major IT titles on Mobile and Consoles/PC.
  • Mr. Shingo Honda – COO: 20 years+ experience in IT and Game companies.
  • Mr. Takiyama Hideyuki – Product manager: GAME Section manager of GIANTY-Global IT Solution Company; over 10 years of experience in game development, application, and web service.
  • Mr. Takemura Nariya – Project Manager: 20 years+ experience in game development; 4+ years experience in Blockchain Technology Professional Game developer.
  • Mr. Yuki Kawawa – Art Director: experience in PC/Console Game development as Art Director and Technical Artist; currently CEO of All Green Inc.
  • Prof. Martin Spraggon – Global Development Director: 25 years+ of international industry and consultation experience in GCC, Europe, and the Americas.

Besides, SkyDOS has now received support and investment from many prominent partners and investment funds such as MeiVentures Investment Fund, Japan GNT Group, HEAD Capital Singapore… with the ambition to become a top Metaverse in the world.

In addition, SkyDOS also has many strategic partners, who are leading enterprises in Japan in 3D or virtual reality technology, helping to deploy and build technology infrastructures such as Platinum EGG, Nobollel, and Lategra…


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Above is some outstanding information about the SkyDOS project. Don’t forget to follow to update more interesting news and knowledge!

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