End of IEO TKX Token Block 2


Dear investors,

The TKX Token IEO Program is an event that receives a lot of attention, trust, and support from investors along with the global community. The goal of IEO TKX Block 2 has been completed and therefore, the 5ROI Global team is pleased to announce that the IEO TKX Block 2 program will officially close on September 1, 2021.

Members who do not yet own TKX Token during the opening sale of Block 2, please continue to follow the IEO TKX Token Block 3 program to quickly own TKX at the best price. Block 3 is the last chance for investors to buy TKX Token at a preferential price of $0.0020.

Thank you for your interest in and support of the TKX Token Block 2 IEO program. Get ready to welcome the TKX Token Block 3 IEO program as soon as possible.

5ROI Global


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