Congratulations To The Referrers of “Trade Demo Bonus Thousand Dollars” Tournament


Dear members,

The tournament “Trade Demo Bonus Thousand Dollars” on 5ROI Futures from July 15, 2021 – July 22, 2021 has ended with enthusiasm from members around the world. Based on the contest rules and award criteria, the organizers officially announce the list of referrers for the Top 19 winners as follows:

 Top  Winners’name  Referrers’name  Email  Country
 1  Lê Văn Hoàng  Nguyen Thi  Nhanh  n*****************[email protected]  Vietnam
 2  Edo SetiAawan  Zulhan Zulhan  Z*******[email protected]  Indonesia
 3  Nguyễn Đức Sơn  Tạ Anh Tuấn  q***********[email protected]  Vietnam
 4  Phạm Hữu Lâm  X  X  X
 5  Setiadi Reski  X  X  X
 6  Dang Quoc Huy  X  X  X
 7  Blaszkiewicz  Makary  Mizan Ariful  Hawue  a*************[email protected]  Bangladesh
 8  V Prajwal  Mandal Arup  f**********[email protected]  India
 9  Dirhamsyah  Dirhamsyah  Pardiansyah  Pardiansyah  p**********[email protected]  Indonesia
 10  Bùi Hữu Duy  Bùi Hữu Duy  B***********[email protected]  Vietnam
 11  Nguyen Van  Minh  X  X  X
 12  Duong Ha Thien  Ho Thi Thuy Ai  t*********[email protected]  Vietnam
 13  Trần Thái  Doan Thi Ngoc  g********[email protected]  Vietnam
 14  Purnomo Reza  Destamal  Ramadhan Diaz  d***********[email protected]  Indonesia
 15  Vũ Văn Nam  X  X  X
 16  Chasim Qossim  X  X  X
 17  Mai Văn Trường  Doan ThiNgoc  g********[email protected]  Vietnam
 18  Hermawan  Hermawan  X  X  X
 19  Ho Thi Thuy Ai  Dat Vo Tien  t*********[email protected]  Vietnam

I. Awards terms & conditions for the referrers

  – Referrers will receive 10% of the winner’s reward when one of the people they refer is on the list of tournament winners.

  – Members whose name is on the list of referrers must meet the following conditions and provide the information to email [email protected] to be able to receive the prize:

    + Member has completed identity verification (KYC LV2);

    + Provide valid personal information: UID; Full name; Email; USDT wallet address

Note: Referrer is the person who directly refers the winner to register 5ROI Global accounts through their friend invite code.

II. Time and method to receive the prize

  1. Award giving time: July 25, 2021 – July 30, 2021

  2. Award method: Transfer directly USDT via Smart Contract


  • The last day to receive email is 12:00 (UTC + 0) 27/07/2021. After the above time, if members do not contact 5ROI Global to receive the prize, the prize will be for the next program.
  • Members must use the winning email to send information to email [email protected]  
  • During the contest, members who cheated on the results of the competition, 5ROI Global will remove those members from the list.

5ROI Global would like to thank members for your best efforts through the past program. With your trust and companionship, we promise to grow stronger in the future to create a useful playground for the 5ROI Global community with more attractive and large-scale programs.

Refer to the details of the program “Trade Demo Bonus Thousand Dollars” and how to calculate profit at:

Best regards,

5ROI Global 


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