Antivirus and Trojan Horse Guide


Steps to check whether the computer is infected with viruses or Trojan horses:

  1. Log in to 5ROI GLOBAL in browser incognito window mode to prepare for checking whether the deposit/withdrawal address is correct.
  1. Record a correct withdrawal address in the notepad, and then try to paste the address into the address bar, and check whether the address displayed in the address bar is the same as the address on the notepad.
  1. Download the 5ROI GLOBAL APP, and compare whether the recharge/withdrawal address of the APP is consistent with the address on the Web end. If the address is found to be different after inspection, it means that your computer is probably infected with a virus or Trojan horse.

The suggestions are as follows:

  • Install anti-virus software and check and kill Trojan viruses regularly;
  • Update system patches;
  • Don’t click on documents from unknown sources;
  • To bind Google
  • Authenticator, click here for the specific method;
  • Please use a professional password management tool such as 1 password;
  • If you encounter an account abnormality, please report it to the customer service in time, and the customer service will provide corresponding solutions to your problem;
  • Try to use Chrome (Google Chrome) as your browser and upgrade to the highest version;
  • Uninstall plug-ins or unknown third-party software;
  • In extreme cases, it may be necessary to format the hard disk and reinstall the operating system;
  • Seek support services from computer security experts.

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