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Decentralized finance (DeFi) markets have become the fastest growing sector in the cryptocurrency ecosystem over the years. Total value in DeFi has exploded, reaching over $100 billion. With the huge potential and the ambitious development of related projects in this market, experts believe that DeFi will definitely become a big competitor to traditional financial institutions.

In that context, AntEx – a decentralized finance project providing comprehensive solutions for “Developers/Founding Teams and Communities” with outstanding improvements on each product – was born to confirm this remarkable development. AntEx Ecosystem is an integrated blockchain financial ecosystem that is continuously evolving to meet the needs of users in the use of cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications.

AntEx Ecosystem is an integrated blockchain financial ecosystem that is continuously evolving to meet the needs of users in the use of cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications.

AntEx aims to bring positive value to users in the decentralized finance space by providing innovative, flexible products audited by CertiK and the blockchain finance industry by fiat gateway service across different countries. The ecosystem focuses on the main tasks of:

  • The change and improvement in financial payment gateway. 
  • Build VNDT stablecoin that has the same value as VND fiat and is backed by the most legal organizations. 
  • Crypto Asset Management & NFT. 
  • Start-up incubators for startups. 
  • DEX – Decentralized exchange Building and providing blockchain platform.

Financial products in the AntEx ecosystem:

  • Fiat Gateway – VNDT Wallet: is an exchange gateway between fiat money and cryptocurrencies. VNDT wallet helps provide users with a stablecoin VNDT stablecoin that can be used in e-commerce transactions, savings, loans and investments. 
  • V-Pay: is a function that allows VNDT wallet users to use cryptocurrency when transacting consumer bills and transacting daily essential services.

Decentralized products in the AntEx ecosystem:

  • AntLock products: With the core feature of locking tokens, AntEx ensures transparency and safety for financial management projects.
  • Decentralized wallet Antex – Blockchain wallet: Antex wallet will be a perfect solution for the needs of storing and trading crypto-currencies, ensuring friendliness, safety, flexibility, and multi-platform service. user service.
  • Start-up incubator AntLaunch: the product acts as a launching pad to help startups complete projects, raise capital, develop community, and connect partners. At the same time, the startup incubator is also a tool for angel investors to evaluate and make decisions when investing in a project.

In addition, AntEx is currently calling for investment on the VN Smart Chain platform – the platform that connects all products in the AntEx ecosystem and other products in the blockchain market.

What the AntEx developers want is to create a user-friendly and fast blockchain that supports financial activities. In the future, the project will develop globally so that the community can better understand AntEx as well as have the most objective assessment of the platform.

In addition to applying blockchain technology to comprehensive solutions for Developers/Founding Teams and Communities”, AntEx also released ANTEX, a foundation token of the AntEx Ecosystem ecosystem developed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to connect all products in the ecosystem together.

Currently AntEx is working with 5ROI Global to create a decentralized financial ecosystem with potential values. The goal of both sides is to build and expand a cooperative relationship for mutual development to help optimally exploit and create a trend in the global Blockchain technology market.

5ROI Global and AntEx officially signed a cooperation agreement on October 5, 2021. This is an event marking an important milestone between the two sides and receiving a lot of attention from the global community.

5ROI Global is a rapidly growing multi-application financial ecosystem with a large number of participating members. After just over 3 months of launch, 5ROI Global exchange has reached more than 600,000 members from more than 52 countries around the world. Proud to be one of the pioneering ecosystems developing cooperation with innovative technology projects, startups, 5ROI Global have been and will constantly strive to bring projects closer to investors. 

The partnership with AntEx has created many investment opportunities for the 5ROI Global community. With the advantage of the association of 35 banks in Vietnam and the scope of global development, the 5ROI Global community can use VND to buy VNDT from the AntEx decentralized financial ecosystem. Immediately after listing the VNDO – VNDT trading pair on 5ROI Global, members and investors will easily pay for cryptocurrencies and fiat money.

VNDT will be a great choice when traders want to invest in a stablecoin with stable value and use it in e-commerce transactions, savings, loans… Especially, Investors participating in VNDT stablecoin trading at 5ROI Global exchange will enjoy benefits such as fast transaction speed, low transaction fees and a safe and secure platform.

At the same time, the cooperation also helps the 5ROI Global community to access a decentralized financial ecosystem with outstanding innovative products.

The bilateral cooperation event between 5ROI Global and AntExt will be the starting point for developing potential projects in the future. By applying blockchain technology along with the values ​​that the project brings, AntEx and 5ROI Global promise to become one of the successful projects that create a “big bang” in the field of decentralized finance.

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