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AMA Recap: DeliAlgo – Answering Questions from the Community.


On April 6, the 5ROI community had another very exciting meeting with Mr. Hoa Nguyen – CO- Founder & CTO of DeliAgo. Here, let’s take a look at some important information about this AMA!

An introduction to the AMA

Time: 9:30 – 10:30 (UTC) i.e. 16:30 – 17:30 Vietnam time.

Place: 5ROI Global Community.

Guest Speaker: Mr. Hoa Nguyen – Co-founder & CTO DeliAlgo.

Host: Ms. Violet Bui – BDM 5ROI Global.

Content: 5ROI organizes this AMA program to help community members have the opportunity to interact and share directly with the DeLiAlgo project CTO. Thereby, people know more useful information about this project.

Agenda AMA:

  1. Q&A between host and guest
  2. The community asks questions for the guests
  3. Guest chooses questions and answers

Airdrop worth 100 USDT and 14,700 DLC to 10 people with the best question.

Summary of important questions in the AMA

I. Questions are sent in from the community.

1. Is DeliAlgo a multilevel project?

Mr. Hoa Nguyen: DLC is not a multi-level model because DeliAlgo does not call for investment to pay new investors.

2. Does the amount of tokens announced and the number in circulation exceed the set amount? If so, how will the DLC solve it?

Mr. Hoa Nguyen: Last IEO program, DeliAlgo sold $ 100,000 equivalent to 7.6 million DLC tokens, however, the company has now bought back 4.2 million DLC, currently, on the market, there are 3.4 million DLC tokens in circulation, an extremely small number.

Regarding the fact that the market price is lower than the selling price, DeliAlgo has encountered a large number of short-term investors, and most of them do not understand DeLiAlgo’s business model.

In the near future, DeliAlgo will expand its marketing activities and begin to take steps to develop the price of DLC, firmly believing that long-term investors will have more benefits.

3. Is this platform for beginners or pros?

Mr. Hoa Nguyen: The platform is very easy to use, so it can be used by everyone.

4. What successful milestones have the project achieved in its development?

Mr. Hoa Nguyen: The company has completed the development of the DeliChill food delivery platform and the platform will be deployed in May 2022.

The DeliFinance Digital Banking Platform is still in the development stage and will be launched in Q4 of 2022.

The company already has other products in the ecosystem that have been deployed (see details at such as Dneuro (Korea), AlgoLab (Japan), Dneuo (China).

5. Who are the strategic investors and famous partners of the project?

Mr. Hoa Nguyen: 

The first investors in the project:

  Mr. Hong is a famous businessman in the logistics industry in Korea. His expertise is in the area of Warehousing.

  Mr. Kim is a serial entrepreneur. He has expertise in the application of AI technology to Fintech (Technology Finance) – asset management

  Mr. James is a CEO and CFO with many years of experience in the real estate industry.

Strategic partners of the project:

CoinOne Paybank support in the crypto market and Open Banking

DMaris is DeliChill’s premium Food service provider

According to Mr. Hoa, these are all strategic support partners of the project. They all bring great value to the ecosystem.

6. What are the outstanding features of DeLiAlgo?

Mr. Hoa Nguyen: DeliChill – Food delivery: The company started small to develop the community through marketing technologies and social networks.

From there, DeliAlgo will develop an F&B game, where users can create their own restaurants on the platform to sell food from real-life vendors.

DeliFinance: An Open Banking service that powers crypto assets and advanced AI technology for asset management. This service is the best support for individual investors, investors with a small initial capital will have the opportunity to invest without much cost (expense 1% compared to 2% normally. will need to pay for investment funds).

7. What is the extent of the project and what is DeLiAlgo focusing on?

Mr. Hoa Nguyen: DeliAlgo is a multinational company, with headquarters in Singapore

DeliChill will be deployed first to serve the Vietnamese market and then to the Finnish market

DeliFinance is a Singapore company and will serve the Southeast Asian market

Currently, the Company is focusing on building and developing the platform as well as the community.

II. Direct questions from the community during the AMA

1. Why did the DeliAlgo team choose to build a project in the NFT segment?

Mr. Hoa Nguyen shared:

In the future, Coinone exchange is in the company’s next listing plan, they are a large exchange in Korea.

To develop products in the company’s ContentChill, DeliAlgo’s vision is to help creators raise capital for potential content, helping users invest in quality content.

2. What is the plan to ensure DLC investors from the price drop?

Mr. Hoa Nguyen: That’s our Token burning and redemption policy

The burning policy will include:

  1. Quarterly opener if not circulating, DeliAlgo will burn
  2. Use profits to buy back DLC quarterly to burn
  3. Random burning based on major project events.

3. Why should investors buy/hold Project Tokens in the current volatile market situation?

Mr. Hoa Nguyen: investors should buy because the company has many short-term investors in the system as you mentioned above. And keep an eye on what DeliAlgo is about to do. DeliChill is set to launch in May. DeliFinance is also on track.

DeliChill’s Web and Application are expected to deploy in May.

Host: Thank you Mr. Hoa Nguyen for taking your precious time today to participate in this AMA.

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