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AMA May 9th, 2022: Announcement of the Development Roadmap of 5ROI Global, MegaO & 7Hit in 2022


Over the past time, the cryptocurrency market has developed very strongly. Long-standing projects are growing and there are new projects being born, bringing many creative solutions to everyday life. 

With the presence of Mr. David Do – CEO of 5ROI Global, Mr. Amine Kreidi – CEO of MegaO, and Mr. Andy Vuong – CEO of 7Hit, the AMA session was an opportunity for investors to learn more about the visions and directions of 5ROI Global, Megao & 7Hit in 2022.

Here are the main highlights about the directions of 5ROI Global, MegaO and 7Hit updated during the last AMA session:

Development orientation of 5ROI Global in 2022 – 2023

After the merger, the ROI ecosystem includes 5ROI Global, 7Hit, MegaO, and many other products such as 5ROI Global centralized cryptocurrency exchange, two e-commerce platforms of 7Hit are 7Hit and 7Hit Global, stablecoin MegaO, etc. ROI token will become the currency of the ROI ecosystem and be used in all projects of the ecosystem.

The main direction in the coming time of 5ROI Global is the ROIChain platform to launch in June and other platforms such as DEX, Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, etc. At the same time, 5ROI Global will invest in and support Defi projects built on ROIChain.

In addition, when launching the ROIChain platform and other platforms such as DEX, NFT Marketplace, 5ROI Global aimed at centralized non-administration. That means the project will have more and more mechanisms to give benefits to the community. The DAO system to be implemented in the fourth quarter of 2022 will allow all investors holding ROI tokens to participate in the operation and benefit from the ecosystem.

Announce the acquisition and merger of 02 MegaO & 7Hit projects and talk about converting HIT & MegaO into ROI token

Towards a multi-application financial generation system with business segments: Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange, Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange, E-Commerce, Blockchain Network and Solution Provider Stable Coin, 5ROI Global officially acquired and imported two projects 7Hit and MegaO.

Aiming for a multi-application financial ecosystem with business segments: Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange, Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange, E-Commerce, Blockchain Network, and Supply Stable Coin solution provider, 5ROI Global officially acquired and merged two projects 7HIT and MegaO with the following details:

  • For Public investors: After converting, investors will be given an additional 20% of their total funding in ROI. 
  • For Private investors: After converting, investors will be given an extra 20% from 1 of 2 prices: private sale price or current price – whichever is higher will be chosen to conduct the conversion.

In addition, the 5ROI Global burning 14 billion ROIs and retaining 30 billion ROIs when opening ROIChain will help increase the scarcity of ROI tokens. With such a large ecosystem after consolidation, the ROI token price promises to increase many times in the future.

The vision of 5ROI Global after acquiring two projects MegaO & 7Hit

The acquisition of two potential projects MegaO and 7Hit will be a springboard for 5ROI Global to go faster and go further, becoming one of the most complete and leading ecosystems in the cryptocurrency market soon.  

Why did MegaO Project & 7Hit decide to merge with 5ROI Global?

Amine Kredi, CEO of MegaO shared: “The ROI orientation is to become one of the largest and strongest ecosystems today. Before the merger, we discussed our strategy thoroughly with the 5ROI Global development team, aiming for ROI to become the leading financial application in the world. MegaO will work closely with leading partners and investment funds to develop the ecosystem. After the merge, we will move to the 5ROI ecosystem and work on unifying the brand for Stablecoin. And of course, we expect MegaO’s community to grow exponentially for this. ”

Andy Vuong, CEO of 7Hit shared: To develop a special e-commerce platform, a project needs a lot of resources and support from different parties. After discussing with David Do – CEO of 5ROI Global and the project team, 7Hit decided to merge alongside 5ROI Global and MegaO to build a bigger ROI ecosystem than ever.

Together, we will make ROI become a diversified ecosystem including products such as exchange, stablecoin, e-commerce, and NFT Marketplace, and will use ROI token as the common currency of the entire ecosystem. Along with the upcoming ROI event, the ROI ecosystem promises to have a strong development in the future.

Questions from the community were answered by the guests at AMA

What are the strategies to attract users and money invested into the ROI ecosystem?

In the coming time, ROI is an ecosystem of many platforms and all platforms use the same ROI Token, which includes ROIChain, DEX, NFT Marketplace, 5ROI Global,… By now, 5ROI Global has a very large number of users in the market. Recently 5ROI Global encountered some technical problems, causing the two listed projects of 5ROI Global to have a downward trend.

However, 5ROI Global always focuses on investing in community development and promotion activities in the world. Typically, the project has organized and sponsored many programs in the world and has a relatively strong position in the market. Next time, 5ROI Global will optimize some of the above defects. At the same time, the project will invest in and support projects built on the platform of ROIChain, especially projects that are in urgent need of tokens to participate. For example, hot trend projects such as Metaverse, Move to Earn,… This will help attract a large number of cash flows and investors to participate in the ROI ecosystem.

When will 5ROI Global launch ROIChain and ROIChain’s development strategy shortly?

According to ROI’s roadmap, ROIChain will be launched in the second quarter of 2022. Currently, ROIChain is in the testing process and the project expects to launch its test net version by the end of May. With the current ROI Token capitalization of around 6 million USD, IEO projects on ROIChain’s platform will also be limited by small-cap and uncertain total circulating supply. However, just a few projects participating in the platform of ROIChain will create huge momentum and attraction of the ROI token.

In the coming time, the project will focus all resources of ROI on the ROIChain platform and Dapps built on the ROIChain platform. At the same time, develop the remaining projects in the direction of increasing utility for the community when using this ROI token. With the fund management experience and many relationships with the fund, the projects Mr. Amine – CEO of MegaO brings in the future are expected to explode the application and spread of the ROIChain platform.

In addition, the project will still have a burning mechanism from the activities on 5ROI Global as usual. At the same time, the projects participating in and purchasing NFT on the ROIChain platform will also be fully utilized to burn ROI. This will hopefully create a breakthrough for the growth of ROI and ROIChain shortly.

Investors can watch the entire AMA session on 5ROI Global’s Youtube here!

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