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AMA About DeliAlgo (DLC)


Dear members of 5ROI Global,

5ROI Global would like to inform our members and investors about the organization of the AMA program to exchange directly with DeliAlgo (DLC). The program will be an opportunity for members to interact directly with the CTO of DeliAlgo. The meeting will be held with the following information:

  1. Program start time: 09:30 (UTC) Wednesday, April 06th, 2022.
  2. Main content of the program: Answer questions from the community.

2.1 Guests: Mr. Hoa Nguyen – Co-Founder & CTO DeliAlgo

2.2 Host: Ms. Violet Bui – BDM 5ROI Global

2.3 Reward: Airdrop worth of 100 USDT & 14,700 DLC to the 10 best questions. Investors can participate in asking questions to the program HERE.

2.4 Organization form: Chat on Telegram at 5ROI Global Community

2.5 Language: English

5ROI Global is looking forward to receiving the attention of our members and investors. The AMA program promises to bring the most interesting content about the DeliAlgo project.

Information on bilateral cooperation between 5ROI Global and DeliAlgo: here

Uncovering DLC Token with 5ROI Global: here

Best regards,

Risk Disclaimer:

For investors, trading digital assets is both an opportunity and a challenge with outstanding profit potential. 5ROI Global only provides useful information for investors to grasp, refer to and not provide financial investment advice of any kind.

5ROI Global


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