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5ROI Global is a multi-application financial and cryptocurrency trading platform of the pioneering generation in applying blockchain technology to the digital currency trading model and bringing many benefits to users. Currently, the platform provides many services to meet the needs of trading a variety of different cryptocurrencies in the world.

5ROI Global has a large liquidity system and absolute security to help investors feel completely secure when participating in transactions. Besides, 5ROI Global is constantly looking for and cooperating with famous partners in the blockchain field to upgrade the system, bringing great experiences to users.

Since its launch until now, 5ROI Global has become one of the exchanges with a rapidly growing number of users because of its outstanding advantages:

Fast transaction processing speed 

It only takes a few minutes, investors can trade cryptocurrencies anywhere, any country.

Low transaction fees 

Trade cryptocurrencies at 5ROI Global with low transaction fees, saving costs for investors.

Transparent, safe, high security 

All cryptocurrency transactions on 5ROI Global are guaranteed to be safe and secure, can disable data editing interference, are always verified, create transparency for users based on a blockchain platform.

In addition, 5ROI Global has cooperated with COBO Custody and upgraded the system to provide a solution to manage cryptocurrency wallets with high security. The cooperation will bring peace of mind about asset security when investors store and trade on 5ROI Global.

Supporting leading electronic financial services 

Currently, 5ROI Global is supporting leading financial services such as Spot, OTC, Staking, Refer a Friend, Listing on 5ROI Global…

Solutions for Startups 

5ROI Global is cooperating with startups to bring useful projects to the community such as XBank, OBRok, XIXO ecosystem, Freedom Golden, etc. This also helps investors to access potential projects in many different fields.

Diverse ecosystem 

5ROI Global platform is a professional ecosystem including applications: Website, iOS, Android with diverse trading products. Cryptocurrency exchange 5ROI Global is now listed on CoinMarketCap.

Promote economic and social development 

5ROI Global invests and holds investments and supports startups to help promote economic growth while promoting the development of businesses and ensuring the stability of society.

5ROI Global


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