5ROI Global’s Risk Notice


Dear 5ROI Global users:

To ensure your interests, 5ROI Global hereby remind you that cryptocurrency market is subject to huge risks, so please assess your risk tolerance capability very carefully before engaging in cryptocurrency transactions.

If you want to trade on 5ROI Global, you must:

(1) The services such as coin-to-coin exchange, OTC, Derivatives, PoS Pool and apply-to-list on the 5ROI Global platform are only available to valid 5ROI Global users (Hereinafter “Users”) that have completed KYC verification.

(2) Bind your 5ROI Global account with your cellphone number or Google authentication.

(3) Preserve your account and password properly, and do not entrust your account to others or share your account & password to anyone. Otherwise, any losses incurred will be borne by the users themselves.

(4) Users of 5ROI Global may subject to the following risks:

(a) Policy risk: Users of 5ROI Global may encounter losses due to amendment of national laws, regulations or macro-policies which may influence the normal transaction of cryptocurrencies.

(b) Compliance risk: Users of 5ROI Global may encounter losses if the user’s cryptocurrency transaction violates national laws or regulations.

(c) Investment yield risk: Cryptocurrency market has its uniqueness: it never closes with cryptocurrency prices fluctuating in a very wide range. Users may encounter losses in the market.

(d) Trading risk: Your successful transfer is dependent on mutual assent of the parties to the transfer and 5ROI Global does not commit to or guarantee any successful transfer.

(e) Force majeure risk: When natural disaster, war, striking, cyber attack and other unpredictable, unavoidable and unformidable situation occurs, 5ROI Global may not operate normally and may result in user’s losses. For the user’s loss caused by force majeure, 5ROI Global will not assume any civil liabilities.

(f) Delisting risk: When cryptocurrency project party faces bankrupt, liquidation and dissolution, or violates national laws & regulations, or under the request of the project party, 5ROI Global will delist the cryptocurrency, which may cause losses for users.

(g) Technical risk: Although the chance of a technical fault is remote during a cryptocurrency transaction, we cannot exclude such a possibility. If such an incident has happened, the user’s interests may be affected.

(h) Operation risk: Users may face risks due to operational errors, such as transferring to wrong account, violating operation regulations, etc.

(i) Account frozen risk: User’s account may be frozen or forcefully confiscated by judicial institutions in the event of debt default or alleged crimes.

Prohibited actions on 5ROI Global:

  1. Actions such as money-laundering, counterfeit transaction, illegal fund-raising and fraud are prohibited. Using the identity of others to register is a bannable offense and any intentional concealment or fraud in KYC is not allowed. Otherwise, 5ROI Global has the right to freeze, terminate a user’s account which was suspected of the aforesaid misconducts, or hide their encrypted digital assets.
  2. This risk notice does not reflect the whole nature of the cryptocurrency market. There are many other risks and money-loss factors that were not listed. Therefore, you should read and fully understand the relevant transaction rules, promotions and related agreements, as well as this risk notice, and ensure that you have made sufficient risk assessments and financial arrangement before you engage in cryptocurrency transactions, in order to avoid unbearable losses.
  3. The trading risks on 5ROI Global will be borne by users themselves. 5ROI Global has never promised in any form that users trading on 5ROI Global will not encounter any losses.

User Commitment

As a 5ROI Global user, you promise that you will never violate the national / regional laws & regulations of Cayman Islands, as well as the nations the users originated from (Registered Residence). In the event that you, as a user, violated the laws & regulations, or your conduct triggers 5ROI Global’s risk-control mechanism (including but not limited to abnormal login, wrong trading amount, high-buy but low-sell, large amount of Fiat withdrawal and other abnormal transactions), you, the user, agree that 5ROI Global has the right to freeze or terminate the account, and investigate your legal responsibility. Any losses incurred and legal responsibility shall be borne by you, the user, yourselves.

Reminder: If you click to agree to this risk notice, it will be deemed that you understand and are willing to assume cryptocurrency transaction risks and potential losses. 5ROI Global is not obligated to refund user’s cryptocurrency principal & interests or assume other responsibilities.

5ROI Global

Risk Disclaimer

For investors, trading digital assets are not just an opportunity but also a challenge with the potential outstanding return. Users are encouraged to carefully consider their investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite.


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