5ROI Global Thanks and Rewards 500,000 ROI For The Member Who Provided System Error Correction Information


Dear Members,

In the past time, 5ROI Global has cooperated with a 3rd partner specializing in providing liquidity solutions for trading pairs on the exchange. However, the bot system of the liquidity provider had some algorithmic errors that could result in losing trades for the exchange. With this situation, many customers have benefited from algorithmic errors, but do not realize this is the exchange’s fault and report it to the exchange for patching. Fortunately, on January 7th, 2022, our member – anhsoiPK (UID: 957202477971691264) – actively contacted the exchange to report this algorithm error so that 5ROI Global and our liquidity provider partner could research and patch the system.

5ROI Global would like to thank anhsoiPK (UID: 957202477971691264) and give you a reward of 500,000 ROI for proactively providing error status information, helping us and our partners, who provided liquidity, adjust trading algorithms to provide better service experiences in the future.

5ROI Global and our liquidity partner expect the liquidity system upgrade time to be completed in 10 days, during this time, any account that continues to exploit this vulnerability is considered a violation and will be permanently locked.

Once again, thank you very much, and we hope to look forward to receiving more comments from you.

Best regards

5ROI Global

Risk Disclaimer

For investors, trading digital assets are not just an opportunity but also a challenge with the potential outstanding return. Users are encouraged to carefully consider their investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite.


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