5ROI Global – Strategic Sponsor of Blockchain For Smart Economy Event taking place in Dubai


The event “Blockchain For Smart Economy” was organized with the cooperation of 5ROI Global and its sponsors. The event will be officially launched on October 7, 2021 at Atlantis, The Palm Dubai, with the goal of providing useful information to anyone interested in learning more about blockchain technology. As a result of the conference, investors will have new investment prospects in the cryptocurrency market.

Blockchain For Smart Economy Event

Blockchain For Smart Economy is an event designed to educate businesses and organizations in a variety of disciplines about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. This is also an event where everyone interested in learning about blockchain technology and the concerns surrounding it may join, exchange ideas, and learn. Additionally, the event serves as a link between blockchain entrepreneurs and investors and potential customers all across the world. Apart from the opportunity to interact with investors, startup ventures must apply strategic tactics and approaches that are appealing to sponsors in order to stand out and gain funding from the program’s primary sponsors, which include HEAD Capital, Vault, Mei Ventures, and others.

Throughout the event, attendees will learn from a diverse group of guests on their experiences implementing blockchain technology in the companies and organizations they run. Members will have a greater understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by current technological trends as a result of these encounters. In particular, the use of blockchain technology’s tight ties to the financial sector, the global cryptocurrency trading platform.


Blockchain’s Popularity: A Quick Overview

Blockchain is a blockchain technology that enables secure data transmission based on an incredibly complex encryption system, similar to a company’s accounting ledger, where money is closely monitored and all peer-to-peer network transactions are recorded. The 5ROI Global-sponsored “Blockchain For Smart Economy” event will go into greater detail about the various components of this technology. Because of its use in the financial industry, cryptocurrency trading is especially popular these days.

To keep up with globalization, many countries have created the world’s most advanced application management model. As one of the world’s first users of blockchain technology, the United Arab Emirates has led the way. The country’s administration has been gradually moving the globalized population to a smart economy under new legislation with the aim of implementing blockchain technology to 50% of all transactions tied to the government. The government of this country has identified three key strategic pillars: Government Efficiency, Industrial Innovation, and International Leadership in order to better understand the benefits and difficulties.

Countries such as Japan, China, Switzerland, and the United States have decided to use Blockchain Technology in a variety of industries including education, health care, and services. The financial sector is expanding rapidly.

The role of 5ROI Global

5ROI Global is a multi-application financial and cryptocurrency trading platform established by a team of Vietnamese innovators. 5ROI Global has established itself on the international market as one of the program’s major sponsors, “Blockchain For Smart Economy” in Dubai.

Due to the obvious importance of blockchain technology in business management and operations, 5ROI Global has advocated for the creation of a seminar to help members who are interested in it better understand it. Simultaneously, the program is available to investors, particularly startups, looking to capitalize on investment opportunities.

Mr. David Do

Members who attend the event can obtain crucial information, according to a representative of the 5ROI Global platform, allowing them to better comprehend blockchain technology and apply it to the development of a multi-app financial platform. The speaker will also offer advise and international assessments on current technology development trends.

More precisely, 5ROI Global operates as a consultant for technology projects in the planning stages of implementation, rather than as a vendor. Furthermore, startups at this stage have no idea how applying blockchain technology to commercial processes might yield major benefits. Besides that, the 5ROI Global platform provides access to community capital by allowing technology enterprises to issue tokens to the general public.

The event “Blockchain For Smart Economy” will serve as a stepping stone for future debates on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The event promises to provide members and investors with a balanced perspective on this technology. Simultaneously, it opens up a plethora of prospective investment options. Members, investors, and the international community are encouraged to respond and participate in 5ROI Global.

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