5ROI Global Partners with Aircoins Implement Airdrop Program


Dear 5ROI Global members,

With the goal of bringing ROI Token to users all around the world and bringing rich experiences to users who own ROI Token, we are pleased to announce that 5ROI Global officially partners with Aircoins from July 16, 2021. Aircoins is the largest blockchain-based augmented reality technology project in the world, helping users to have experiences in the virtual world.

5ROI Global partners with Aircoins to use ROI Token as a treasure to hunt in the Aircoins app space. Members can participate in the Aircoins augmented reality ecosystem, racing to collect and accumulate ROI Token.

About Aircoins is a free worldwide cryptocurrency collection app. Users can easily find different cryptocurrencies in a fun way. Aircoins combines cryptocurrency with mobile gaming, augmented reality and digital advertising. It encourages users to collect rewards and digital assets of real value.

Aircoins Website:

Aircoins White Paper:

Join Aircoins now from July 24, 2021 to collect ROI token in the augmented reality world of the Aircoins ecosystem.

Best regards,

5ROI Global 


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