5ROI Global Officially Invests In FAM Central


Dear members,

Intending to build and expand cooperation – development relationships with projects carrying Blockchain technology around the world, we are pleased to announce that 5ROI Global officially invests in FAM Central. FAM Central is a combined NFT and DEFI platform for the cinema and entertainment industries built on the Binance Smart Chain platform. With the cooperation between 5ROI Global and FAM Central, we promise to become strong pioneers in the world in exploring and developing the Blockchain technology market.

This cooperation in 2021 is expected to be a premise for the two sides to continue to support, move towards extensive and parallel cooperation for the goal of sustainable development, promote growth, and diversify business activities. business and improve competitiveness in the global Blockchain market.

Information about FAM Central:

FAM Central is an investment and entertainment ecosystem for Fanvestor (Fan + Investor) using Blockchain technology and new business models. FAM Central works with partners in the film and entertainment sectors to create unique experiences for the Fanvestor community with new technologies such as investing in cinema and entertainment projects, purchasing exclusive NFT collections, participate in an open financial ecosystem dedicated to the entertainment industry, gain voting rights in projects, have deep interaction with each project and receive a lot of incentives from the FAM Central ecosystem.

The field of art has great soft power which can create a large fan community influencing many other areas of life. FAM Central wishes to create a platform, a mechanism to exploit this power and share value for objects in the ecosystem.

Fanvestor is the idea that FAM Central created to help fans both satisfy their entertainment passion and generate income as an investor.

Information about FAM Token:

FAM token in FAM Central’s ecosystem: As a foundation token, as a membership token (utility token), only FAM token holders can use FAM’s features and ecosystem. FAM Token represents the “Right to Use” features on FAM Central’s platform and ecosystem or is paid as a fee to use FAM Central’s system and solutions. In the near future, FAM Token will be officially listed on 5ROI Global with the following trading information:

5ROI Global


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