5ROI Global Officially Cooperates With CRVN Capital


Dear investors,

With the goal of collaborating with global partners to expand the multi-application financial ecosystem, we are pleased to announce that 5ROI Global officially cooperates bilaterally with CRVN Capital from October 31, 2021.

CRVN Capital is an investment fund founded in March 2020 by a group of Crypto investors in 2015. The fund is led by Mr. Victor Nguyen, an expert in the field of Blockchain and Crypto, he was invited to be a speaker at the event. many Blockchain summits in Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries. With the spirit of both investment and research, CRVN Capital believes that Crypto has great potential and Startup projects need to be nurtured in a special way.

During its operation, with the mission of “Blockchain incubation”, CRVN Capital selects projects based on prerequisites such as a professional development team, as well as highly applicable and practical products, fit with the times and bring value to the community.

5ROI Global is a multi-application financial ecosystem with users from 52 countries around the world, contributing to building and developing the global cryptocurrency market, providing the best support for all users around the world to access the cryptocurrency market. In particular, 5ROI Global supports global startups to develop and access abundant capital from investors and is expected to become a super application that can meet all users’ needs in the financial sector. 

The cooperation of 5ROI Global and CRVN Capital will be an opportunity for global investors to access the best quality Crypto projects, as well as enjoy incentives from smart, optimized financial solutions. costs and reduce risks. With the premise of “lighting up Vietnam’s digital economy”, CRVN Capital and 5ROI Global hope to achieve the goals with collaborative efforts in the near future.

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