5ROI Global – Multi-App Crytocurrency Trading Platform Officially Launched


On 6/6/2021, Cryptocurrency Exchange 5ROI Global officially launched and aims to bring a multi-application financial transaction solution with a tendency to simplify for all users.

5ROI Global is an international cryptocurrency exchange that provides a financial platform for the distribution of various cryptocurrencies around the world. 5ROI supports multi-channel as well as multi-device with high safety and security to bring the most convenience to investors. In addition, 5ROI also provides safe and reliable digital asset trading and management services to millions of users with the mission of creating a breakthrough in blockchain technology. Our goal is to provide users with smart financial solutions from the application of blockchain technology to AI, while minimizing all possible risks, optimizing costs and simplifying relationships. relationships between investors, businesses and the community.

5ROI Global – Multi-App Crytocurrency Trading Platform Officially Launched

Standout features:

  • Spot (Spot Cryptocurrency Transaction): Is the purchase and sale of an amount of foreign currency made between two parties at the spot rate at the time of the transaction and settlement within the next two working days from the date of the transaction. date of commitment to purchase and sale.
  • Futures: With futures contracts, you can take advantage of price fluctuations. Regardless of whether the price rises or falls, futures contracts allow you to participate in cryptocurrency movements with ease. In other words, you can speculate on the price of the cryptocurrency instead of buying the underlying asset itself.
  • IEO: As a platform to support token sales, helping projects raise capital and reach out to the international market. In order for a project to be listed on Launchpad, it must go through an extremely rigorous vetting process based on criteria that must mention: what stage is the project at, the ability to be widely applied, the team is capable and engaged,…
  • Credit line: Credit Line is a loan feature in the form of digital asset collateral. Users who own different types of crypto assets can use collateral with different limits. The amount disbursed will depend on the value of the property at the time of using the service.
  • Staking: Store crypto in wallet to get bonus and help users to increase their assets passively, quickly and sustainably.
  • OTC (online transactions): Are private transactions to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. They are not made through regular trading and therefore are not displayed in any public order book, which means increased privacy for both buyers and sellers.

To start using, please log in to the website and experience the unique features of 5ROI Global right away!

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5ROI Global – A Multi-application Financial and Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

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