5ROI Global Launches Staking FAM With Bonus Up To 40% APY


Dear 5ROI Global Investors,

5ROI Global is going to launch Staking FAM (FAM Token). Let’s stake your token and receive the Staking bonus up to 40% APY. Information details as: 

Program Lock time (days) Payment cycle (days)        Payment times Annually year payment (year)
30D Staking FAM 20% APY  30 6 5 20%
90D Staking FAM 40% APY 90 6 15 40%

Staking programs will be held 3 times/week.

Specific time: 

  • Time:                          From September 20, 2021 to October 21, 2021
  • Registration time:       Sunday – Wednesday – Friday
  • Closing time:              Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday
  • Staking reward time: The system starts calculating the reward of staking immediately when finishing registration time.

Staking limit

  • Total Pool:                              100.000 FAM Token
  • Minimum Staking per user:    50 FAM Token

Benefits of joining Staking

  • Increase the number of FAM Tokens per day for FAM holders.

Redeem rules

  • FAM for staking will not be released before the expired date of the staking program, therefore users can not submit to redeem.


1. Can I participate during the Staking period?

You can only participate during the registration times open. After this time is over, you cannot participate.

2. Can I see if my bonus is received?

You can check your bonus in your wallet account and bonus history on the page. Your bonus is only calculated based on the number of staked assets and not accumulated by the assets in the wallet.

3. Can I redeem my assets while participating in Staking?

During the time of Staking, your assets will be locked and unlocked according to the specified time of each package. Therefore, you will not be able to redeem your assets  until the Staking expiration date.

Risk Disclaimers

Staking is a high risk and innovative digital financial derivative product. 5ROI Global only provides the asset staking and profit allocation service and will not be liable for losses due to uncontrollable risk factors such as on-chain smart contracts issues, or project failure. 5ROI Global reserves the rights to suspend and terminate the Staking services on the basis of risk management protocols.

Users of Staking services should understand the risks of digital asset investment and always exercise caution before participating.


5ROI Global


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