5ROI Global Launches Staking Daily VNDO With Staking Bonus Up To 13,9% APY


Dear 5ROI Global Investors,

5ROI Global is going to launch Staking Daily VNDO. Let’s stake your VNDO and receive the reward up to 13,9% APY. Information details as: 

Specific time 

The event will start from: September 11, 2021

The system will periodically scan and close the Spot wallet balance of 5ROI Global users at 23:59 UTC every day. The reward will be allocated to the user’s wallet the next day.

Reward conditions

Members store at least 1,000,000 VNDO or more in Spot wallet on 5ROI Global.

Staking Rewards

  • Payment cycle: Everyday
  • Staking Bonus: 0.03567%/day
  • Compound interest: 13,9%/year


1. How to check my reward?

You can check your reward in your wallet account and reward history. The assets in the wallet account are not counted for any rewards.

2. What are my Staking Daily reward conditions?

You only need to have a balance of over 1,000,000 VNDO in your Spot wallet at 00:00 UTC to be eligible for the reward.

5ROI Global

Please contact and update information from 5ROI Global through the following channels:

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Risk Disclaimers:

Staking is a high risk and innovative digital financial derivative product. 5ROI Global only provides the asset staking and profit allocation service and will not be liable for losses due to uncontrollable risk factors such as on-chain smart contracts issues, or project failure. 5ROI Global reserves the rights to suspend and terminate the Staking services on the basis of risk management protocols.

Users of Staking services should understand the risks of digital asset investment and always exercise caution before participating.

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