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AMA 30/03/2021: GAMI Studio and GAMI Token‘s Highlights


On March 30, 2021, 5ROI Global held an AMA about GAMI – one of the Play-to-Earn game projects that are attracting a lot of attention from investors. Information about the difference between the GAMI Studio project and the GAMI Token project was also answered at this AMA by guest Sanadaa Yukimura, who is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of the GAMI Studio project.

Here are some highlights from the last AMA session.

GAMI Studio is a play-to-earn blockchain-based gaming studio, leveraging AR, VR, and NFT technologies to give gamers the ultimate playing experiences and reward them for their enjoyment.

This new gaming world begins with two incredibly engaging epic games. Explaining the idea of ​​​​the origin of these two games, Mr. Yukimura shared: “He and Hanibal, Co-founder of GAMI have been friends & business partners for over 15 years now. Two of their favourite games growing up were Street Fighter & Dodgeball. They also love history & culture. So they decided to bring these elements together to create their first 2 games – KnockOut Wars (Dodgeball but with fireballs) & Last Warriors (Street Fighter with AR), where famous warriors from past empires battle it out!

The difference between GAMI Studio and other projects:

Besides the technology mix providing great experiences to gamers, GAMI Studio makes a difference compared to many projects at present when deciding to be mobile-centric. With over 6 billion smartphones and Google & Apple investing heavily in AR tech, this will be the most exciting space in the coming years and offers the fastest adoption & business growth for their Gaming Studio.

As we all know, the knowledge gap is daunting for a new person to enter the crypto market. GAMI Studio made sure anyone from the mainstream can download their game and play it for fun without crypto.

Once players progress and become more skilled, they qualify for the P2E tournaments. Now they can choose to take part and bridge that knowledge gap with the help of the app & community.

About GAMI Token:

GAMI Token will be used to purchase NFT, Ads & Sponsorship packages on all games created by GAMI STUDIO.

About Liquidity: Team & All-Party GAMI tokens will be locked in a smart contract through Team. Finance (largest 3rd party provider for crypto projects) to ensure liquidity is transparent to our community.

Questions from event attendees:

Question 1: Almost every investor holds the token for the short-term without understanding the long-term value. So, how can you ensure for us that holding this token is more beneficial in the long term and what is your plan to increase the demand and scarcity of the token?

We’re building a gaming studio. So our token will be used across all our games giving it high utility and therefore high demand. The real utility is the key to having a token with potential price appreciation!

Question 2: How can I buy your tokens right now? And which wallet supports your token?

You can buy from PancakeSwap and Bitmart currently and soon on 5ROI. Metamask, trust wallet and any other decentralized wallets too.

Question 3: Which one of these aspects is most important for you?

  • Increasing token price and value
  • Empowering platform development 
  • Building community trust
  • Expanding partnerships globally

I think they’re all important. We have locked our tokens with – the biggest 3rd party provider in the crypto space. We have the DAO concept and in the plan to hand over the foundation wallet to the DAO. So community power is central to the success of a project! Partnerships are very obvious hence we’ve already partnered with other blockchains and communities!

Question 4: Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community? Are we allowed in decision-making, do you put the community into consideration?

This is very important for us. We have our OGs group. They get to access the game early to give us feedback then the wider community. This way you can keep improving and create better products.

Question 5: Marketing is a central element of every project so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieving the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investors to your platform and keep them long-term?

We have a referral program already in place. This is how we have managed to get over 500,000 downloads on our app already.  Within the game play, you receive a higher social score for getting new people to join the game. We have many other ideas too. Our main objective is to gain mass adoption and disrupt mainstream gaming!

The list of lucky members receiving Airdrop 1,000 GAMI includes:






Bonus conditions: Members please send UID to Admin on 5ROI Global’s channels before April 6, 2022.

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